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What Could Edward Have Done To Help Him Acclimate To Bella's Sent ? OR: What Advice Would You Have Given Edward To Help Him Solve His Dilemma?"

What Could Edward Have Done To Help Him Acclimate To Bella's Aroma ? OR: What Advice Would You Have Given Edward To Help Him Solve His Dilemma?" 

Introduction: To celebrate our two hundredth White Rose Discussion, I thought that we might just have a little fun, and try and solve an unusual problem.  

Edward explained to Bella (in the novel "Twilight") that the more he was away from her, the harder it was for him to resist killing her when they reunited. And that having been away from her "Aroma" made it's attraction all that more alureing.

   White Rose Discussion Question: What advice would you have given Edward to help decrease "the pull he had to kill Bella" Especially when he had been away from her for a while? 


   Extra Credit Introduction:  As she listens to Edward playing the beautiful piano concherto  "Bella's melody," (Knowing that he had composed it out of his love for her) she starts crying.



Edward then placed a finger on her cheek, collected one of her tears, and then "lightening fast"  tasted it.       




  Extra Credit question: WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?


As always we sincerely look forward to learning you opinions.

   Your friend, Doc B


A "Bear Time" Story
The Actor, Moyer, (who plays Vampire Bill) says that when he vacationed with Paquin in Hawaii  ( the actress who plays the farry named Sookie on the TV series "True Blood")  that he was inspired to ask her to marry him after listening to the song "White Sands" by the great IZ.

Interestingly " there is also a song that Honey and I have always delighted in by IZ. It is called  "Rainbow." Izreal (AKA, IZ)  loved to eat Poi. (The principle food sourse of the anchient native Hawaians) And when it came to sports he was a wold class water floater. Mastering the art of (not unlike Edward) laying perfectly still. .

He use to tell all those that loved him  "Don't mourn at my funeral. Bur rather REJOICE, for finally "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" I will be singing with and not to my master." 
And so, with tears in their eyes, when that day finally came, they "rejoyced" and dis as "Their IZ" had asked them. 
And so just for you, one last time  "Rainbow by "now your" IZ.
When asked how he kept from feeling "blue" about his disability: The IZ said "I just hum "It's a Wonderful World" to myself." Not bad advice. Not bad at all.
And when "The IZ" was informed that his native Hawaiian language was disapearing, IZ simply said "I have a secrete way of not letting that happen."   


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Yes I would. Specially if it would help him "deal" with my scent!!

And no I would not wash his t-shirt. I know when my husband is gonna be out of town for a few nights, I love to grab his pillow or blanket to cover up with!! It makes me feel close to him and I sleep better!!
Yes to make it easier for him and less stressfull for him to be around the person without him thinking of the urge of killing. 2) I'll have to say it would be very hard for a person with an aroma that strong to let it go, especialy wash it away because it's also seductive. So no and most people will probably say no also.

Dear Manuel,
You make a great point. Sent was important to both of them.

We remember how Bella's sent, almost overpowered Edward. But (as in the Bella Cafe, when Bella almost swooned as she was engulfed by Edward's sent, when he wrapped his coat around her) Edward's sent was a powerful aphrodisiac to Bella as well.

Thanks for sharing, Your friend, Doc
I would have advised Edward to have something that has Bella's scent so that when they are apart, he won't feel the need to hurt her when they meet after being apart. He said that the longer he is with her, the need lessens because he is able to block it. When they are apart and see eachother again, the need is there for a short time. I would tell him to feed on animals more than usual, be there and watch her sleep, controlling their physical need (kissing or sex), be friends with her at school or wherever they are.....

It was hard for Edward not show his love COMPLETELY AND WHOLLY to Bella because of his strength but he is able to show love in other ways. He kisses her without hurting her. He is around her. He is always protecting her. He "lights" up when he sees her.

When Bella cried when Edward played the lullaby for her..... he was so in love with her and he wanted to show her he understood. He licked her tear because it was salty (I assume that blood is salty too???) and it might be the closest thing to blood and wanted to have a piece of her in his mouth. I have heard of some humans that kiss tears away.... Edward licked it away from his finger.


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