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well, we all know this site is made for 'TWILIGHT FANS',,, why can't other people comprehend the concept?!... ok...everyone is free to express their opinions but...the hell! why does twi-haters have to be here and be utterly annoying?!.. TWILIGHT FANS ADORE TWILIGHT! why can't they live with that?we all have different likes but PLEASE...why can't they just leave us alone?! their on a site for TWILIGHT FANS! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!...


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Actually, most anits don't like it for different reasons. So, no, y'all do not know.
I agree. This is a site for FANS not haters. If they want to talk trash about the books that we love then they can just take it somewhere else! They can make there own hater site if they wish. but they should stay out of here.
i guess that al this haters that even didnt read the books just trying to get attension
Twi-haters probably havent read the books, or if they have they are not sensitive. They just waste their time being haters. They probably have nothing better to do, and if they read the book they would probably like it. Most people are also controlled by what their friends say, so if their friends dont like twilight, they are probably scared to tell their friends, so they write hate comments that nobody listens to. but I agree, people are intitled to their own opinoins, but they dont need to bother us about it!
We have a right to be here if we're civil. The haters that come here to stir trouble are irritating, I'll give you that. But what if a hater, like myself, wants some friendly debate? Am I not welcome?
friendly? call that friendly?...yeah ryt
You will find that most anti fans have read the books and have at some point liked them and/or they still like aspects of them. They do have every right to be here as its a dicussion site and sometimes they make excellant points. They dont bother me, if i dont like their comments i dont reply or finish reading their comments but the utterly stupid comments tend to be trolls anyway that just want to start arguements not discuss anything. If you speak to some anti-fans to the will tell you that another reason they are put off is by the fans themselves, ones that continuiously go on about Jacob and Edwards hotness or Rob and Taylor or saying that twilight is the best book ever.

I am a fan, i love every aspect of books and films and i like to discuss with friends whether they are for or against the book :)
i agree with you. there is no reason why they need to come and rain on our parade and i think that they need to get lost!


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