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well, we all know this site is made for 'TWILIGHT FANS',,, why can't other people comprehend the concept?!... ok...everyone is free to express their opinions but...the hell! why does twi-haters have to be here and be utterly annoying?!.. TWILIGHT FANS ADORE TWILIGHT! why can't they live with that?we all have different likes but PLEASE...why can't they just leave us alone?! their on a site for TWILIGHT FANS! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!...


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Does not bother me. If I want to be annonyed I read their posts if not I don't bother.
Let me tell you something -we are all entitled to our opinion and likes and dislikes-and if there is a site like that-1st off-why do you go on it if you know that they are going to be trashing Twilight?
2nd- It would be nice if people would STOP referring to the actors as the characters from the book-THEY ARE DIFFERENT...
3rdly-the movie wasn't good at all.-Even Catherine in her commentary couldn't answer the basic questions Robert was asking her-Kristen would answer for her ..
Also-were are all here to voice opinions and what we feel.. We all listen and move on- comment and move on..
I love listening to what people have to say-but i don't care if people like the movie or not-like Twilight or not..
it is up to me to wanna listen or not..
i like the book better than the movie t0o...but i think when they're trashing TWILIGHT they are not just referring to the movie...but also the book..
i thought the movie wasnt that good either
and its a waste of time to talk about something you dislike if you dislike it so much then is it worth talkin about and i just ignore them cuz what they say is garbage and it is stupid for them to even go on this site and stuff but its there choice so watever
seriously i totally agree with you
its stupid how people are like that an dyes the movie was kinda suckish haha
yah.. i think it's bcoz of low budget or something... i wish new mo0n would be better... so haters won't make fun of it...
Haters will still make fun of it because of it's lack of plot.
I agree. I personally cant see how anyone would hate it to begin with but anyway....if they hate it why do they come on a fan cite ofr it and bag it? If they hate it, avoid this site and make your own twi haters club.

Its rude and in considerate. You don't like it, its up to you but don't come onto our fan sites and dump all over it.
that was totally my point!...make their own site..or maybe they wouldn't just bother coz there wouldn't be a number of people who will be there and actually hate twilight or whatever! gudluck to them anyway..
screw freedom of speech...:))
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Honestly, I think they just go on her to annoy fans. They know how passionate Twilighters are and see it as being easy to annoy us. Just ignore them and don't let it get to you. Don't bother reading their posts.


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