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What Do You Think That "The Second Short Life Of Bree Tanner was like? (An Exercise In Deductive Reasoning)

What Do You Think That "The Second Short  Life Of Bree Tanner was like? (An Exercise In Deductive Reasoning)

In 2005 Stephanie Meyer decided to investigate what it would be like to be a "New Born" vampire. So she created, 15 year old Bree Tanner. And then used deductive logic to figure out what her "second life" as a Vampire had to have been like." And  that is how she created the character of the protagonist for her "soon to be" released"  novella."  (Stephanie admits that she gets so emotional involved with her characters, and that she not in frequently talks to them as she writes)

We are fortunate, in that we know some of the participants in her "Short Second life. (Riley, Victoria, the dozen of innocents victims killed in Seattle, And finally Carlyle and Jane and the other Voltarie

Rose Discussion question: What do you think were some of the things that Bree Tanner experienced in her "Short Second life?"
("Rose questions are never hard. It's only the answers that are hard.")

Sincerely, Doc B

Jodelle Ferland, the actress who played Bree in the movie "Eclipse," knew how painful it had been for Stephanie to have had materials from both her novel "New Moon" and "Midnight Sun" released prematurely. So after studying her copy of  "The Bree Tanner story, she burnt her copy, and sent a picture of the ashes to Stephanie. So that Stephanie would know that she had never betrayed her trust. Smart actress !! When Bree's story is turned into a full length movie, I bet Jodelle gets the lead.

My Good friends, As you may know someone keeps getting into my Ning account, and sending message, that appears to come from me, saying that I want to cancel my account. So 6 times my membership has been cancelled. Which has caused me to take days worth of work rebuilding my face page, setting up my blog, and reattaching with friends. And worst of all, each time he succeeds, I am prevented from sharing with you. To improve our ability to share, for now I am going to hang out here  at "The official Twilight Discussion Page." As you know I start a new discussion every day or other day. So rather than go to our Rose Home Page to share, let's just meet here. The hacker can't damage this page, Your friend always, "The Reading Bear."


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I am so sorry to hear that Doc, but I am glad that you make the effort to rebuild your page and get connected with your friends again, I definitely appreciate your hardwork and it would be sad if there would be no more rose discussions, as I enjoyed it very much, so Thank you!

Okay, my answer to this discussion:

I find this idea of creating a book about the shortlife of a new born something very new and fresh, but honestly, to me, it is not that amusing, but still, I am looking forward to read and discover those things we never know about the hardship of a new born...

I don't know what to expect from the books as i prefered to be surprised, but here are the things that I hoped would be on the book:
1. How Bree was bitten and by who. Apparently she is with Victoria, but maybe Riley was the one who bit her, so I wanted to know who exactly is her 'creator'..
2. Her experience of 'reawakening' from the dead and confused about what had just happened, of what she thought about the whole new world she had just stumbled upon, and how hard it is to forget her past, of her old world, and to give up feeling love again....
3. I would definitely like to read about her bloodlust and what she thought about it, whether it is the right choice or not.
4. What is it like being in Victoria's army?
5. And what she thought when she saw the Cullens, and how her death/ ceasing to exist in the world affected her...

I can't wait for the book to be released:)
I have to agree with you, but I believe that this book will be as good as her others. I know she didn't mean to make a book out of Bree but I am so glad she did. We get to see in side her mind one more time. There was Jaspers story of new borns but to see it through Bree's eyes will be a good sight.
Yeah, though I think I would personally prefer to see through Bree's than Jasper, maybe because Jasper's is more army-like, and to see through a young girl's mind might be better (for me anyway).

First I would like to congratulate each and every one of you, who even attacked this challenge. To try and make literary deductions about a character, from a handful of words in a novel, is "nails tough." It is the type of thing that only a Bella or an Edward would do. (So even before I look at the responses or add mine) As moderator, I think that each of us should be awarded an A plus, in our advanced course, A study of : "The Twilight Saga" 401, for just trying. Yours, Prof Doc B

Dear Natshane,
Great questions. Stephanie is so special in that she forces herself to "create and study the details of what imprinting would be like. Or Vampiric transformation. If Bella is a danger magnet ,Stephanie is a Love magnet. In the teaser to the novel it refers to the story also containing LOVE! Who or what did Bree love? If she did love someone, did that or those people give their lives to try and protect her. As "the older" vampire gave up his life to save Alice? So many questions, Doc

That would be great in the book! There are so many things I am curious about a new born's life, same goes with imprinting, and I do hope one day perhaps, SM would also write a book about imprinting, to give us a better look of what imprinting is like:)

And I like the idea of being graded...Thanks Prof Doc:)
I could imagine that Bree's short life as a new born vampire would have been filled with confusion, grief, deceipt and both fear of knowing and not knowing 'the truth'. I would love to read about her experiences, in fact i would like to read anything new at all related to Twilight in some way or another.
I can't imagine what it would be like to be ripped away from your family and friends, maybe in some cases they were left to feed on those family and friends, feeling like murderers yet still so hungry for more. To be deceived into fighting a fight which, one; is not your own and two; is filled with the deceipt of so many untruths about the Cullens.
To be a new born into the Cullen family would be a delight, but to Victoria, i would prefer death. This i think links in a little with a previous discussion - 'immortality or death.'
Thanks for the great question Doc, it certainly teases the imagination. I'm so glad you keep finding your way back onto the site :-) Look forward to hearing your response to my views.
Based on that short encounter she had with Bella I could tell that she was most likely a good person. Bree probably thought she was damned like the Cullens did. She most likey had a battle between her bloodlust and her coinscience. This obviously was not a path she would have chosen herself. I imagine her being really confused/shocked at first (but then again who wouldn't?). I think Riley might've changed her because Victoria would rather have him do the dirty work.
I believe Victory because in the book Bree say she don't know how change her but Riley told them it was because they didn't want them thinking the name so that Alice would not see what they are planning.
good point.
I'm so excited for this new novella!
I think that for Bree, she will experience some of the same things Bella did at first--the heightened senses like her vision and hearing, for instance--but her interest in exploring her new strengths will be overshadowed by the burning of her thirst. Bella really only noticed that burning when she was reminded that she should be thirsty; it wasn't the first thing she thought about. For Bree, the burning in her throat will be painful and disturbing and overwhelming, as she won't understand at first that it is thirst or that it is human blood she is craving.
I don't have a feeling one way or the other about what kind of girl Bree was before she was changed, but I'm imagining that she wasn't evil. So I think she'll be a bit horrified when she realizes what she has become and also when she realizes that she'll need to feed on humans for the rest of her life (because Riley won't be telling her differently--he probably doesn't know either that there is a different way available to him aka the Cullens' vegetarian style). So Bree will wake up, find out what she is, and will have some sort of strong reaction to the thought of having to kill humans for the rest of her existence. She'll probably also have some feelings about waking up immortal. And I think her reactions to these facts will tell us a great deal about what kind of girl Bree was as a human.
How shocking it must be for Bree when Carlisle offers surrender as an option, or to observe them with Bella and realize that it's possible to resist these new urges? Maybe she will be intrigued by this, or maybe she will only feel thirst, fear, and frustration? Again, whatever her reaction, it will tell us a lot about her.

One thing I'm very curious about is whether her story will extend beyond her vampire existence? If it's written in the first person from Bree's pov, as I suspect it is, then will the last thing in the book be Bree's demise at the Volturi's hands, or will SMeyer give us some glimpse of something beyond that moment? If she does, she would be making a statement through Bree's story about whether Bella and Carlisle are right about vampire souls. I suspect that Stephenie is on Carlisle's side of that soul debate with Edward, so I'm just intrigued to see if she'll commit that to paper or not?

I also hope that the literary snobs of the world will cut Stephenie some slack, as it is one of the rules of fiction that the narrator shouldn't die. A few authors have gotten away with it, but rarely is it very well received. On the other hand, Bree's fate is already known to many, so it won't be a shocking finish. So I think it will be interesting to see reaction to this in the literary world.
And I also hope the fans will cut her some slack as well--I've read a lot of comments where people are happy about this book, but also a great many comments from people who are just complaining that this isn't Midnight Sun and even a few "fans" who are angry that she wrote this instead of finishing that. To those "fans" I say, Stephenie isn't on a stage performing requests. She's a writer, and she goes where her muse takes her. She can't simply force herself to sit down and finish MS just because the fans are demanding it. Can't we all embrace this new book as an interesting new look at the saga, and be happy that Stephenie is still visiting the land of vampires at all?
I second that, Thanks Shannon you took the words right out of my mouth. I am happy that she has given us some thing new to read and to give us the insight to Bree's short life so that we can see what Victory was thinking.


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