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What "Exactly" do you think Carlisle DID?

Introduction: I would like to thank Krista for "brainstorming" this topic. In our discussion "The Cullen Cross" Krista made the astute observation that "Carlisle being Carlise, with his inquisitive, sentimental, and loving personality" he easily could have gotten his father's cross, on one of the several visits he made back on the visits to his fathers church over the centuries.
BUT THAT BEGS THE QUESTION: Carlisle being Carlise... What other things do you feel confident that Carlisle did during his 400 year  vampiric "life." 
Yours, Doc Bear

PS: Love our chats

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Lets see... What did Carlise do in 400 odd years....?
He became a "lover" of human kind.
Head of an unusual covern
A VERY patient man
A great story teller
An understated Dr
And somebody I would love to sit and have a convertation with!!!
Great response! Welcome back Doc! We've missed you. Can't wait for the movie to go on sale so we can do some more indepth chatting.
That pretty much summed up Carlisle's 400 years of life, haha! But I have to say that his life just got much better after Bella joined their coven, haha....Bet his next 400 years of life would be far more interesting.
You make great points. I would love to join you and get to know Carlisle over dinner. I just finished a very interesting book. (Gandhi: An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth) I have a feeling that sharing with Carlisle would be a lot like sharing with Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi said that his life was a constant experiment in trying to make all "of his life decisions" based on the truth. If the law dictates that Gandhi should be imprisoned for asking the peoples of India to "non violently not cooperate" with their British overlords. Then when he was sentenced in court for breaking the law, his response was not that his sentence be reduced, but rather that he be sentenced to the most years of imprisonment as possible. (Which he did)

Pic: The Cover of Gandhi's "autobiography"

Stephanie said that "Twilight" was a study on how LOVE impacts on the lives of all those it touches. To me Carlisle is her "Nobel Vampire." A mahatma (def: great soul) who has dedicated his life to loving and doing the "loving thing."

Sincerely, Doc B
Well Carlisle being immune to human blood was very confident to probably study at night with them including helping the sick. Even as to pose for portraits for some artist which he has in his possesion. Carlisle's kindness towards humans and his love to preserve life their wasn't anything he couldn't feel confident doing ( with certain restrictions of course) or accomplishing. So Carlisle in his time had an ability of not drinking human blood and resisting the temptation that it made him confident of doing other and more things that those of his kind could ever imagine of doing.
Hi Nalisha,
It is good to hear from you. I took a little time off too.
You make excellent points. It must have taken a while for Carlisle to adjust to being a "vegetarian" vampire. And then think how all alone he must have felt. He says that caring for humans brought him joy. And that must have been a blessing. But it still must have been almost unbearably lonely. And then came Edward and Esme.
If you remember, Carlisle had always wanted to help people.  After he changed, he went to medical school and became a doctor and was a physician for the next 400 years, updating his education every generation or so.  He also would study at university history, philosophy, science, mathematics, literature, etc.  He also spent considerable time with the Volturi.  He never goes into exactly what function he plays in the Volturi family, but it's obvious that his position is one of the highest in the coven, second only to Aro, Caius, and Marcus.  More than likely it's an advisory position to Aro, since they seem to have stayed friends over the centuries.

Carlisle suffered in body, mind and at heart but he never lost his humanity. He has a beautiful, pure soul. Maybe he wandered throughout the world, tending to the sick, learning Western, Eastern and alternative medicinal techniques; becoming the doctor we'd all like to have. 


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