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Okay, I am not sure if anyone thought about this.... but....


I know we all have discussed about Jacob imprinting and that I had put up a discussion about how Jacob could possibly be imprinted on Bella's ovaries (REnesmee) that was why Jacob could not leave her or was half in love iwth Bella....


ok... what if Bella had left Edward and ended up with Jacob, then is it possible Jacob would NEVER imprint?  or can someone imprint on someone else if not before?  I mean if Renesmee never existed, then can Jacob imprint on someone else?  I am curious as to what you all think :) 




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On one of my discussions (which was similar to your overy one it seems :D) something like this was brought up and IMHO I think Jacob wouldnt imprint with anyone else. I see imprinting like the soulmate only have one. As Nessie is his imprintee then without her born he wouldnt imprint and therefore he could live with HEA with B. Though I'm sure B in that scenario would always be nervous Jake would imprint (as obv they dont know what coulda been) :)

I do not think that Jacob could imprint on someone else other than Renesmee. 


However, if you are opening the door to him imprinting on  Bella's ovaries, then it IS possible that he could imprint on his own child.  Clearly if that were to happen it would NOT be sexual, EVER.  He just would be one very protective father and the little rug rat would be able to get away with ANYTHING and probably be a spoiled brat. 

okay then here is the other question.... if he imprints on his own child and apparently its odd for one becuase then the child will never fall in love with anyone right????  i mean like emily and sam?  or can the imprinted child fall in love with other people?  hmmmmmmm


does it make sense?

No, I think the child can still fall in love with someone else and have a normal relationship with someone else.  

The level of "devotion and love" would be different because it is from a parent and not from a lover, so I believe that the child would form a loving/romantic relationship with someone else and Jacob would want that as long as the other person was good to his child.  If this child was ever hurt by someone it would be extremely intense and I think that Jacob would want to kill them for hurting his imprint.

Hmm I guess that is a good point.  I had started to wonder about that after reading one of your stories LOL

Stay tooned, I will be addressing that.


However I don't believe that Jacob imprinted on Bella's eggs, so THAT won't be an issue, but they will have to deal with his potential imprinting.  

Im pretty sure that the way the imprinting goes is that there is only one person, in the entire world that you could ever imprint on....which is why Jacob was totally sure he was in love with Bella, when actually it was what she would produce, aka Renesme. Just my point of view.
I had thought the same thing???
I think it is possible that Jacob could imprint on someone else but if Renesmee did exist, then no he probaly couldn't.
This is probably stupid but I'm just wondering...if Jacob imprinted on Bella's ovaries, wouldn't, in theory, he also feel some kind of connection with Edward? I mean, because the "other half" of Renesmee would be in Edward?


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