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Introduction: After Nesse is born, to help prevent Bella, Edward, and Nesse from leaving Forks, Jacob transforms into a Werewolf in front of Charlie. He then tells Charlie that since he is willing to accept a "don't tell......don't need to know" attitude he will proceed him to the Swan's house so that he can see Bella. And also meet Nesse, Bella's new "ward." 

Charlie then follows Jacob to the Cullens. Charlie had been under the impression that Bella was fighting for her life at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

After Charlisle welcomes him, he takes Charlie to see Bella. Then Charlie sees his  formerly attractive daughter, who has now been changed into a spectacularly beautiful woman. Bella says the sorts of things that she would typically say, but she says it with an angelic voice ! 

Then Charlie takes a good look at the truly angelic "10" month old child in her arms. When Nesse looks  up at him, Charlie is stunned to be looking at a mirror image of his, and formerly Bella's, uniquely brown eyes. ("Charlie starts counting backwards".. but nothing adds up ("Need to know only..he tells himself") 

Just then Emmet breaks in to say that the "University of Florida is up by 7" I (Doc) have always presumed that their opponent was their arch rival the University Of Miami, but the Saga is sadly deficient on this critical point.
Edward tells Charlie that his and Carlisle's new grand daughter, is the child of his recently deceased brother and sister in law.

Charlie is the Fork's Chief of Police after all!  He was shocked and stunned to see Jacob metamorphise into a seven foot Werewolf. After thinking that Bella was at death's door Charlie desperately wants to see his "Bella," and accepts a need to know stance. But basically Charlie is the towns detective. And he is like Bella in so many ways. (Edward to Bella "You aren't going to let this go (unsolved) are you!" Bella, "NO!!"....And Later.... "What are you considering? Bella, "Radio active spiders, and Kryptonite ! ........Edward later quote, "What did you expect, (that my family had at our home) "Coffins, a mote, and a dungeon???" Bella, "No I never thought that you had a mote!" (But I did think that you might well have a dungeon and sleep in coffins: not said but implied)

Discussion Question: Charlie had said "I don't want to know" But what do you think that Chief ( and  detective) Charlie really suspected about Bella, Nese, and Edward, the next day as he considered his visit at the Cullens?

Doc B
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Dear Carloline,
Caroline, "Charlie is happier when he pretends he believes what you tell him" Doc, What a superb observation. Bella quote: "I decided to let Charlie continue to pretend that he was the parent" fiction and denial may well have been a characteristic of their relationship.(It allowed them to make up for the lost parent child years)
Caroline, "Charlie think is up with the Cullens - has he ever thought them peculiar or different?" Doc, another excellent point. Take Alice (Charlie LOVES Alice for lots of reasons) but Alice is not a normal human. Her beauty her voice her grace, even her dancing movements. But Jacob wasn't that way, he wasn't beautiful like Edward or Carlyle. He was normal, until he Changed Any way.
Doc "Charlie, when he was tracking the creature that was killing the town's residents. Charlie Q, "We found a naked human foot print!"
Caroline, "what, then, does he NOW think of the Cullens? Doc an excellent point the Cullens had certain super traits. AND NOW BELLA "OVERNIGHT" WAS PHYSICALLY ONE OF THEM!
Caroline, " I'm not convinced he would arrive at vampires, Doc good point, the Cullens are about the opposite of what humans think that vampires would be like.Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

I agree, remember Charlie and Bella are alot alike and Bella want Charlie to come to his own conclustion like Bella did at first. So I would say he though like Bella did at first. Pal faces know nothing about vampires, ( just stories in a book) I dont think he would of though that unless Billy let something slip like Jacob. I dont think Bella would of guessed it if Jacob wouldnt of told the story.
Hi Doc,

Discussion Question: Charlie had said "I don't want to know" But what do you think that Chief ( and detective) Charlie really suspected about Bella, Nese, and Edward, the next day as he considered his visit at the Cullens?

Wow this is a tough one. But I think he might still not have been over the shock of Jacob turning into a wolf. I don't believe he suspected his daughter to be a vampire, they really didn't look the part in his eyes, or anything out of the super natural. All he wanted was need-to-know information, but I think he figured out that Nessie was his biological granddaughter thou he couldn't fathom how. He tried to put it together, but it didn't make sense to him. He loved Bella dearly and would not put her life in danger in any way if he could help it, so his mind told him to go along with the charade, to just love her no matter what. He also had a time limit looming over his head for how long he had with Bella and her new family, so that helped him to cope with everything..

If you read Midnight Sun then we also know that, that is where Bella gets her ability to block people from her mind, only hers was more advanced. Edward could never get a complete read on Charlie, so like Bella he too is able to surpress the bad things quite well.

As for the Sherriff part of Charlie, honestly I think the father in him took over shutting up the sherriff. Charlie was greatful that Bella came to live with him. Was overjoyed to have her find someone she loved even if he thought she was too young.

I truely believe he was more angry at Billy then he was at Bella and the Cullens. He knew Billy was hiding something from him, he just didn't know what.

I guess my question is, did Charlie ever hear the stories about the Cold Ones? If he had then he knew what his daughter was and that might have made it easier for him to cope with everything.

Hope this helps Doc.
As always these are only my thoughts, looking forward to everybody elses.
Fran, I guess my question is, did Charlie ever hear the stories about the Cold Ones? If he had then he knew what his daughter was and that might have made it easier for him to cope with everything.

that's an incredible point
he certainly knows the Quileutes didn't like the Cullens for some reason, and now he knows the secret the tribe has been hiding--could he put those clues together, do you think?
You would think that his "history" with Billy would have made him question certain things.
Maybe the Sherriff part of him, but not the father in him. He was mad and thought them a bunch of superstitious fools, but he also respected Billy and Harry enough not to pry in to something they could not or would not tell him about.
Well Charlie claims Billy was like family to him, so I would assume at some point he had to have heard some stories maybe at least about the wolves. And Harry was his best friend. So it could be possible that he put things together but to say them out loud to have them heard was something totally different. Hence Edwards statement " but you need to know the public story more than you need to know the truth. If your going to be part of this secret, the public story is the one that counts. It's to protect Bella and Renesmee as well as the rest of us. Can you go along with the lies for them?" Charlie's only response was to that was to look at Bella and say "You might've given me some warning, kid." from that I would assume he could have put the clues together maybe not fully but enough to know his world was changing. Jacob had told him Bella had to change because if she didn't she would have died. Even if he did figure it out, he didn't care. He loved her enough to accept her no matter what.
Unconditional love . . .
A powerful point. Unconditional love tends not to see smaller points, Doc

I think you're probably right--and I think even if he did figure it all out, he wouldn't admit it out loud. As a father, he probably wouldn't want his suspicions confirmed or denied.
So true. As Bella or Edward had once said " With Charlie the less he knows the happier he is." or something like that.


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