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What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Novel "Eclipse" (The Scene, Or Quote That You Enjoyed The Very Most)


What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Novel "Eclipse" (The Scene, Or Quote That You Enjoyed The Very Most)




Introduction: With the Movie "Eclipse" being released in only days, it is critical for us to focus on our very favorite scenes or quotes from the novel, so that we can full enjoy the movie. After the movies release we will closely review how our personal preferences were portrayed.




White Rose question:  What was your favorite part of the novel "Eclipse" (The scene, or the Quote that you enjoyed the very most)

Extra credit Question : What was it about it that meant so much yo you?




As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion.
Yours, Doc B



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i love the part in the novel where Rosalie tells her story about ebcoming a vampire because it shows everyone that she isn't as shallow as everyone thinks she is
Nicola, What a great point. Learning about Rosalie's tragic experience allows you to see her from a totaly different perspective. Thanks for sharing, Doc

what if steph wrote a a book about rosalie??
Great points, Wasn't the tent scene crazy? Bella, Q Don't dis my truck!"

My favorite part is when Jacob is about to leave and Bella is on her knees begging him not to leave and They kiss eachother. they shoulda been a couple!!!!! I also like the part where Jake takes Bella to the campfire party and she hears the story of the werewolves.

Those are two delightful Eclipse moments, Thanks for sharing.

"When Bella and Edward were alone" What a wonderful scene, Thanks for sharing, Doc

Dear Twi-Alice,
Just a wonderful list. Wasn't Jaspers statement, "When I took her hand I felt HOPE!! GREAT I had't thought about it but Alice's love for Jasper saved him, not unlike Bella's love for Edward saved him. How wonderful. Your other choices are super too. Come on butterflies,
Yours, Doc

i love the pictures!! jaspers story was better than rosalies. lol
What was your favorite part of the novel "Eclipse" (The scene, or the Quote that you enjoyed the very most)
My favorite quote, not just in EC but in the whole saga, is just after the tent scene when Edward says to Bella:
"I can be noble. I won't make you choose between us. Just be happy, and you can have whatever part of me you want, or none at all, if that's better."

Extra credit Question : What was it about it that meant so much yo you?
To me this is the moment in all of the books that expresses what I truly believe is the essence of Edward's feelings for Bella, that he would rather she were happy and he miserable forever, than to satisfy his own needs and desires at her expense. To me it is the most selfless gift Edward can ever give Bella, the choice to be free of him and be happy even if losing her would be the most devastating thing to ever happen to him.

Doc, if they don't get this right in the movie, I just don't know how I'll stand it. This moment is exactly the moment that any doubt about Bella's choice to become a vampire evaporates for me, and I know with certainty that she is making the right choice by tying herself to Edward forever in every way possible, including immortality.
Dear Shannon,
"Just be happy, and you can have whatever part of me you want, or none at all, if that's better."
The perfect description of "True Love" Like you, true love to me means that you really do put the person that you love above everything else. "ALL of me or none of me." The reason the entire world is going crazy for the saga is because over and over again Stephanie's quotes just "hit the true definition of love out of the park." Like you I HOPE that this beautiful line will be included in the movie. I remember that Stephanie put her foot down concerning the "Lion and the Lamb quote" She said NO! you need to keep the quote true to the book, word for word for the fans.
Yours (all fingers crossed) Doc

i have two favorite quotes in ECLIPSE
the first one would be
"You don't understand. You may be brave enough to live without me, if that's what's best. But i could never be that self-sacrificing. I have to be with you. It's the only way I can live." ~ Bella p. 610

i like that quote 'cause, it shows how Bella really loves Edward. Even though she knows that she loves Jacob, she can live without him, but she can't live without her true love, the person that she knows she can't let go of. no matter what. If Edward could live without Bella, even though it would be hard, Bella knows that she would be in pain, hurt without him.

here is the other one

"If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and If all else remained and he were annihilated, the universe would turn into a mighty stranger." ~ Bella p. 611

i personally think that, Bella would be fine if everything that she had would be gone, except for him. she could live with that. But if he were gone, if he left again, she doesn't know what would happen again. she doesn't know what to do. that's what i think of it as. It means that she really loves Edward more than her own life. She would do anything just to be with him, physically and mentally. her love for Edward is so intense that she would give everything she have just for him to stay. Even though it means that it would be dangerous, and even though it takes her own life. she knows who she can't live without.

I think it's romantic, how intense Bella's love for Edward. I like it.


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