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What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Novel "Eclipse" (The Scene, Or Quote That You Enjoyed The Very Most)


What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Novel "Eclipse" (The Scene, Or Quote That You Enjoyed The Very Most)




Introduction: With the Movie "Eclipse" being released in only days, it is critical for us to focus on our very favorite scenes or quotes from the novel, so that we can full enjoy the movie. After the movies release we will closely review how our personal preferences were portrayed.




White Rose question:  What was your favorite part of the novel "Eclipse" (The scene, or the Quote that you enjoyed the very most)

Extra credit Question : What was it about it that meant so much yo you?




As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion.
Yours, Doc B



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The appeal to me is the sort of creeping awareness that Bella begins to have, that Edward is just as happy to see her again, to be with her and touch her and smell her again, as she is to be with him. She may be afraid to admit it to herself because she doesn't want to hope for him to stay, but she is realizing that Edward is very much in love with her and always will be. But she isn't sure that's the case, he could just be grateful to her that she saved him in Volterra.

Even if she accepts that Edward still loves her, then she must also realize that his real reasons for leaving had nothing to do with "distractions" or not caring for her, but were in fact an attempt to protect her from the dangers of his life and from a choice he doesn't want her to make.

In that regard nothing at all has changed. He's still a danger to her, he still doesn't want her to become a vampire like him. He still wants to protect her, keep her human, and preserve her soul. If nothing has changed, why wouldn't he leave again once he knew she was home with Charlie and away from the Volturi?

As Bella points out, it's not as though he hadn't looked at the situation and thought carefully before he made the choice to leave her. What has changed that would alter his thinking and make him think it's best for her if he stays with her? What would prevent him from leaving if Jasper takes another snap at her?

With all of that in her mind (even if she's not consciously thinking it through to that point yet), and given the fact that he left her and devastated her once already when she trusted him completely, why wouldn't she be afraid Edward would leave her again?
That's a perfect scene for the honeymoon,,, although Bella is not dressed in "Alice-wear"!
Me too Doc! They reduced the beautiful, unbelievable reunion to a couple of lines of dialogue in Volturi, a kiss, and a couple of more lines in her bedroom. The way it is in the movie makes it seem as though she's so pathetic that she'd just take him back at the slightest apology, even though in the book it makes things very clear concerning Edward's motives, his feelings, and Bella's very real reservations about trusting that he won't leave again.
I just cannot wait to see the proposal scene. Ive pictured it a million times but now im anticipating the look on the actors faces. I want to see if they were able to portray the intense emotions involved in this scene. i want to see edward's face when bella says yes and i dont hope they deviate too much from the book. I dont want bella making a long speech because i honestly dont think i would be able to stand seeing a hurt look on edwards face.
I love the part where edward gives Bella the ring. Also when she tries to seduce Edward in bed. The stories about Jasper and Rosalies past. The battle that happens to the end.
i like the part where they have all these different theories about who was in Bella's room then when Bella realises that the person is linked to the new borns in Seattle then when they put it all together to find out that it is Victoria behind it all :)

It was soo much fun in suspense, not knowing exactly who and thinking of all these different possibilities to come down to the truth. It was a lot of fun for me.
I wonder if they will bring to life the part where Jazz is telling his story and then see the actual scene where he and alice see each other's faces for the first time... i know i know wishful thinking


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