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What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Novel "Eclipse" (The Scene, Or Quote That You Enjoyed The Very Most)


What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Novel "Eclipse" (The Scene, Or Quote That You Enjoyed The Very Most)




Introduction: With the Movie "Eclipse" being released in only days, it is critical for us to focus on our very favorite scenes or quotes from the novel, so that we can full enjoy the movie. After the movies release we will closely review how our personal preferences were portrayed.




White Rose question:  What was your favorite part of the novel "Eclipse" (The scene, or the Quote that you enjoyed the very most)

Extra credit Question : What was it about it that meant so much yo you?




As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion.
Yours, Doc B



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my favorite scene would be

When Edward and Bella were in the meadow, at the end of the book.They are so happy together, when Bella told Edward that she wants to give Charlie his proper good bye, to let Alice have her fun. And she told him that she's going to tell Charlie that she is marrying Edward.

I like that part because, Bella knew that she wants everyone to know that she's marrying Edward, that she's making the right choice, that thy're together. She's never backing out, and she's not going to regret it. She knows what she wants and what she's doing. She wants to love Edward forever, and she knows it. it feels so passionate, even if she knew that she's going to have to give up her life, her soul for immortality, for her to live with Edward forever. i could feel what Bella feels about it. and that's what i like about it. Making the right choice that your heart told you.
Those were beautiful quotes, thanks for sharing them. I loved your explanation on them as well.
JJ, who me? you liked it?
Yes, I really did like them. It shows the beauty of Edward and Bella's love and that is wonderful. But it really is your explanation that helps set the quotes apart.
this is 1 of my favourites too. I hope it gets to be in the movie. I'll scream if its not included
Wow!!! I can't even choose!! I love practically everything from Eclipse!! Okay I'll narrow it down!

One of my favorite scenes is the one where Jacob kisses Bella and then she is so pissed that she tries to punch him and breaks her hand in the process! What I really loved was Edward's reaction after that! I mean he was a gentleman and I just loved his "you will be running around with two legs" line! I was laughing so hard when I read that!! I've seen the 30s clip from that scene and I'm still a little pissed about what they've done to it! They've twisted everything around! I'll wait for the entire scene in the movie of course and I really hope that this line would be in it!

Another was the conversation Edward and Jacob had in the tent before the fight. It really cleared a lot of things about both characters and I think that they both understood each other better. And Edward didn't have to answer Jacob's questions, but he did hoping that he will understand him and maybe hate hima little less.

Another of my favorite scenes was after Bella and Jacob kissed and he left for the fight. Bella was devastated about what she'd done and she wanted Edward to 'punish' her for it. But instead he was such a gentleman, he was so understanding, I wanted to cry. And I would have, if I wasn't so pissed about what Bella had done. At first at least. When I read it again and again I came to understand Bella a little better. I haven't forgiven her though.

The one in the meadow, when Edward and Bella decide to anounce their decision to get married, was also one of my favourites. I particularly enjoyed Bella's line about Edward being bulletproof!!! That had me laughing, too.

And finally, the number 1 on my favoite scenecs list is chapter 20, I'm not sure about the number, Compromise!! The scene in Edward's room, their compromise, the proposal, the ring!!! Everyting about that chapter is just perfect!!! There are no words to describe it!! Everytime I read that chapter I get gooshbumps!!!

Can't wait to hear what you think!
Dear Georgia,
You said "you will be running around with two legs" line!" Wasn't that wonderful. I agree as I said to Shannon above. Stephanie's "quote lines" are SO wonderfully, that I hope that they can keep as many in as possible. Hundreds of millions of her quotes flash around the Internet every day, for a reason.
Sometimes it seems almost as if the screen writer intentionally goes out of her way to leave out Stephanie's WONDERFUL QUOTES!! (Let's all just hope!)

One of the most powerful of all the lines in the novel to me is when Bella yells at Edward, "Fight For ME!' And his answer is "How?" Anyone who has lost someone they love, knows how crushed, and broken hearted Edward felt at that moment.

THE RING!! THEY HAVE TO GET THAT RIGHT!! I know how much Hollywood despises love. But Eclipse IS A LOVE STORY. There are hundreds of movies that Hollywood puts out every year, that they can use to spread their propaganda. LET US HAVE THIS ONE MOVIE. Your list is just wonderful. 24 days 12 hours.


"Stephanie's "quote lines" are SO wonderfully, that I hope that they can keep as many in as possible. Hundreds of millions of her quotes flash around the Internet every day, for a reason.
Sometimes it seems almost as if the screen writer intentionally goes out of her way to leave out Stephanie's WONDERFUL QUOTES!! (Let's all just hope!)"

**I was thinking about what you said. I wonder if Melissa (screenwriter), if she feel like she is "cheating" when she uses direct quotes from Stephanie. I would assume that most screenwriters are used to having to write their own dialog. Even most who adapt an already written story (like a book to movie), they have to create their own "conversations" from the characters. I wonder if she feels like she is supposed to write her own script instead of just "cut & paste" from Stephanie's words into her own script (funny, but I think we would all prefer if she just did that).

The closest thing we have to compare it to is Harry Potter, but I have never read the books, so I don't know if they use direct quotes from the books into the movies. Does anyone know? Or is there a better example of "direct quotes" being used in a movie from a book.
Dear JJ,
You say, "Feels like she (Melissa) is cheating if she doesn't alter them (Stephanie's) some? What a wonderful thought. I never thought of that. But you might have hit on the exact reason. A movie which used the exact opposite approach was "The Passion Of Christ" there the screen writer was instructed to try and follow the authors quotes as closely as possible.
I think that your second concept: Screenwriters write dialog is great too. But (as you) and I know since Stephanie wrote in the first person. And since her dialog and quotes are the keys to the beauty of her novels. I think, that the more cutting and pasting you do the better. Stephanie was hammered for writing in the first person (the way that a movie or play would be portrayed)

Great thoughts thanks, Doc
Thanks Doc! Yes Stephenie's lines are indeed amazing! She says so many woderful things in her books. Meaningful things!! Her words have so much depth that it's unbelivable! It's like he a philosopher!! In the movie Twilight most of the lines were from the book, in New Moon there were less. I just hope that in Eclipse they haven't forgotten them completely!

I don't think that Hollywood despises love. A love story is an important element of every screneplay. However, they deal with love ruther superficially, so I'm with you! "Let us have this one movie"!!!
mines not actually an eclipse quote per say but a quote within a quote from where bella picks up the wuthering heights book where edward through it down and it went like:"Had he been in my place and i in his, though i hated him with a hatred that turned my life to gall, i never would've raised a hand against him...the moment her regard ceased, i would've torn his heart out, and drank his blood! but til then, i would've died by inches before i touched a single hair on his head."

why do i like it and why does it mean so much to me? besides the fact that i ball at this, it's sort of my aha, eureka or epiphony moment when I realize how selfless, self sacrificing and unending (for a lack of better words) edward's love and devotion is for bella. because through the whole book jacob is so ready to just bite edward's head off and yet edward is so patient and understanding towards this twisted friendship between j and bella.

i have a second favourite as well: "you compare 1 small tree to the entire forest" and this 1 i just like because it brought a smile to my face just beacuse. :) this is when they were filling out college apps at the beginning of the book
Hmmm I like the parts of where....
Edward has bella in his bed after returning from hunting trip and admits that he would rather have her happy than not be happy so it was his first time to compromise with her visiting Jacob.....
I also like where Edward and Bella are alone for the first time and she is trying to tell him what she wants before she became a vampire.
I like the tent scene too where Jacob and Edward are actually having conversations about Bella. They both love her and they wanted to clear some things up.... hard to explain.
I also like where Edward told Bella that he would rather have her happy than be miserable and won't make her choose between Jacob or him. (that is true love right there). He would rather see her happy than be miserable. Hmm I would have been like hmm you love me so much huh? well i love you more. lol.
Everything about bella is what touches me the most because I do relate her well. I want a true love, am clumsy, and follow my heart.
I also like how Bella tried to defend herself when Jacob "forced" himself to kiss her and she punched him.


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