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what do you think because i have no idea

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That would do a very interesting story. Since Leah's dream is to be normal and escape from Sam and La Push.... Though impriting would be sth beyong her powers I think she would suffer inside her a little .....

soo truue

that wouldnt be good because then jacob would be lonely because now that bellas a vamp he doesnt fight for her i watched the new moon parody by the hillywood show on youtube its hilarious and weird

i've thought of that too but in a slightly different way.  had renesme been a boy, stephenie said in an earlier interview (which i have looked and looked for but can no longer find) that jacob was attached to bella's eggs, not bella.  so had renesme been a boy, jake would have had to seriously re-consider his sexual orientation as he would have imprinted on him.  it would have taken twilight in a whole new direction. 

Dear Jacklin,
What a wonderful question. I think that at it's heart is the underlying question: Does a man choose a woman? (You and I know that there are lots of variables to this topic) 
It reminds me of a delightful scene in the movie "The Young Victoria." It is at the point in the screen play where Victoria and Albert have fallen deeply in love. Both want to marry and spend their lives together. But the problem is that aristocratic English protocol says that it is too presumptuous for any man to ask their Queen to marry him. Consequently the Queen (Young Victoria) has to figure out how to word her "proposal" (or proposition) to Albert. 
They solve their "problem" in their own way. And go on to have a wonderful love affair. One that continues to last, even for thirty years after his premature death from cholera. She daily had his clothes laid out for him in their bedroom decades after his death.
There is also another wonderful scene in the movie, which I think is relevant to our discussion. It is when Queen Victoria (age 20?) tells Albert...(paraphrased) "In this room (their bedroom) we are husband and wife. But out there, I am the Queen. 
"The Honey" just got home so I will have to stop and finish my response later.
Thanks for raising this fascinating question.
Doc B
PS: The Photo is of the Empress Victoria of England age 20


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