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when did you read twilight

where did you read twilight

Why did you read twilight

how did you read twilight

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i read twilight march 2009
i read it in my friend's living room
she kept saying how good of a book it was, so i thought i would give it a chance
so did i
I read Twilight about 6 to 9 months ago

I read Twilight at home and at work. I would carry it with me everywhere I went so if I had any down time I could read.

Why I read Twilight (2 reasons) 1. my daughter is dyslexic so I will read big books before she does. If she has any problems or questions I can help her. 2. I work with school age kids (K-6) so the books are all the rage in my school with me reading them it gives us some common ground. I fell in love with the books day one. I I wish she would continue on with the series. The only book that I was very disappointed with was the last one Breaking Dawn. The ones I loved the most was Midnight Sun and Eclipse.
I started reading it back in June 2009. First I watched the movie, to see what all fuss was about. Then I bought the first book to see if I would like it. Then I bought the rest, one right after the other. I read it at my house. I felt addicted to it. It's my own, personal brand of heroin.
I picked up the Twilight book at the airport in Perth, AUstralia, I was running late for my flight but needed a book to read on my long flight, no time to read the back cover, I bought it purely bu its front cover. when I got on the plane and read the back cover, I initially thought I am not going to read this. But having nothing else to read, that is what I did read. I was gripped by it, could not put it down but was also wanting it to last as I did not have the other books. I read the book about 2 months before the release of the movie in AUstralia. I have now read the book 4 times and still going, I am sure i get something different from it every time I read it.
i read twilight on April 2009

I read it at the pent house

I read it because my sister kept telling me the story and i got interested.. so i read it!
now i'm addicted to it!hahahahha
I first read it in March of the 2009. I'd heard of the movie and seen the books around before but I kind of just blew them off. Like whatever...I probably wouldn't be into that. So my brother rented the movie one day and he's like watch this movie with me, I think you'll like it. I was like, "Ugh no I heard it's stupid" he put it in and I've been in love with it ever since. I borrowed New Moon from a friend at school and read that while I was on vacation then bough Eclipse on my way home. I got Breaking Dawn a few days later. Then I read Twilight last. I've re-read like 5 times so far. I just can't get tired of it. I've never ever been so caught up in a series before. I'm a Harry Potter book fan too but I only read those once.

I read The Host too. Did you guys like it?
During the last few 9 days... I'm a bit proud of my prestation, having read the entire 4 books in English (not my mother language) in 9 days when I've been on a school trip for 3 days during those 9 days...
On the train, in my bed, in the car, everywhere... I didn't want to put it down :-P
Because 1. I wanted to read it because there was so much commotion about it and 2. it's my college thesis this year to graduate...
With my eyes? :-P
Dear Jake,
What a great question, I love to read. But much of what I read is non fiction. On a whim a couple years ago I went into my local book store (they know I am a bit ex centric )So I told them to find out what was the best selling sci fi book of all time (Dune) the best selling spy story (The spy who came in from the cold) the best selling romance (Pride and Prejudice) Fantasy (The Hobbit) Best war stories (Earnie Pyles editorials from the front line WW2)

Well it was a real joy. I average reading about a book a day And one day I saw that 3 of the top selling fictions in the world were by Stephanie Meyer. So I ordered the Series. It knocked my socks off.

So i decided to read some vampire books over the next month I scanned all there were at the Scottsdale library related to vampires. 516 I think. There were about four good series that I enjoyed but no Twilight's.

So I did something I had never done before I re-read a book series.

Which caused me to analyze her works, all Austen's, Bronte's work and Shakespeare of course. And finally post a report on my studies.

By then I had discovered that her saga was a modern masterpiece.

There are dozens of books analyzing Austen's works but none on Meyers so I decided to do a study,

Thank you for raising this interesting question,
doc B


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