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I think Chris Weitz Got the look of the charaters better than CatherinenHardwicke because he was more in sync with Stepanie when it came to the look of the movie.

Overall, I'ld have to agree.  Though I think Alice's hair is more accurate to the book in the first movie.  


What I want to know is why did they re-cast the role of Victoria for Eclipse?  Before she only had cameos, but in the third movie she played a minor but important role and they change the actress?  Doesn't make sense. 

Who's your favorite character?


Well i have two favorite characters, The first is Bella because we see all of her experiences ,The second is Rosilie because I am mosed like her. 

Twilight was perfect in its own way: Bella's prom dress, Edward's gray peacoat, Carlisle's doctor's coat and hair color, etc. The Cullens needed to look pale and ghostly--it was all well thought-out!  The gray, rainy skies in Twilight had to show a washed-out atmosphere to our first introduction to this unique world. 


However, I think I like the warmer tones and costuming on all the actors in New Moon and Eclipse the best because now I'm comfortable distinguishing/fantasizing the humans from the werewolves, and them from the vampires! 


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