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Which “Twilight Saga” story line would you like Stephanie to publish, as a novel next? Alice’s story? Edward’s story? Bella and Nesse versus Aro’s story? Or ????

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Which “Twilight Saga” story line would you like Stephanie to publish, as a novel next? Alice’s story? Edward’s story? Bella and Nesse versus Aro’s story? Or ????
Stephanie Meyer said in an interview : “I have several idea’s for “Twilight novels… to write.” She went on to say that she would like to finish Alice’s story

(The story of Alice’s being saved from James by a vampire who gave his life to preserve her. And we know that she has worked Midnight Sun. And Aro’s parting words insured that a world war for vampire supremacy between the Volturi and the Cullen’s is inevitable. Nesse will be a full adult by age 7, but she will be about the same age Bella was a the start of “Twilight” when she is about 5. So the Nesse Jacob (and who knows which vampire love triangle story) has to be told.
Discussion question: Of all the possible Saga related novels that Stephanie Meyer could write which story would you want told first ?

1. Alice’s story
2. Edward’s story
3, Bella and Nesse vs. Aro story
4. Nesse and Jacob’s and ? Story
5. Carlisle and Esme’s story
6, Roselle’s
6. Rene and Phil’s
7. Or a story line that I didn’t think of ?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."
Most sincerely,
Doc B
PS (For S-n-G )
When Robert Patinson was preparing for Twilight. He says that he studied James Dean’s performance in Rebel without a cause. (still considered to be the finest portrayal of teen aged angst) Robert even said director Harwicke had Edwards hair styled after Dean’s.
Fri. The movie “Rebel without a cause” was the story of a boy who had matured so fast that he was an adult man trapped in a teenagers body. To him, his life was one that was both totally meaningless and miserable. Then he switched high schools and had a first sight experience with, a beautiful girl (who was also emotionaly mature far beyond her years) and who used her love to give his life meaning. The girl’s role was played by Natalie Wood (who was dating a singer at the time. And Dean was killed in a racing accident before the movie was released. The power of the story stunned audiences at the time.

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i think she should either do new moon in edward's perspective like midnight sun or continue on the serious of bella.
I think she should finish Midnight Sun and go on with the story of Nessie...Why not finish what she has already started.
I agree I want 2 no wat Edward was thinking, but it would be nice 2 see bella's story continued
even i wanna wat was edward thinkin...wat was he goin thru vn all ov dis was happening...his fatherly feelings...n everythin...dn i wud lyk 2 kno abt jake n nesse's sure...
I agree but i think having a stor from Bella's daughter piont of view would be cool to see
I would like to see her write Nessies story first. then go back and finish writing Edwards story.
yup..i hope she could finish the midnight sun..i want to know his perspective much..
i think she should continue on with Bella and Renesmee's, me and my friends want to hear more about what happens while renesmee grows up....make it kinda like breaking dawn but talk about the vampire love triangles with the wolves get it
Sounds like a good idea
I feel the same way
that would bea good story one of those people..


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