The Twilight Saga

Don't answer the abilities of your favorite super powere'd vamp UNLESS that's actually the ability you'd truly want.  See my favorite is jacob so I'm unbiases.


You gotta admit Benjamin's is very cool... able to control the physical elements??? hell yea.. thats my pick!

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i would want something like jasper's. something with manipulating thoughts or moods. OR the ability to control time. that would be freaking awesome!
ya but remember jasper also FEELS the moods of others... downside
true. i'll stick with the time control thingy.
I love Eminem... but lmao I get the resembelance ALL THE TIME!
I'd like to have Carlisle's compassion. It's a very subtle trait, not really a power so much as a way of viewing the world. But think of all the people who've been touched by his "gift"

If I must pick a real power, I'd pick Siobhan's ability to will a situation to turn out as I want it to.
I LUV Jasper's (not to mention Bella's too. I don't want Jane or Alec to hurt me!!)
I would like Edward's mnd reading ability
lol tru but it would be easier to know who your real friends are. They cud always be thinking something that they are not saying
lol i would choose edward's and most likely alice's, i am not sure but edward's definitely!
All 3? lol i like his too but like u said, it's one i can live without.
Jimmy Kimmel teased Elizabeth Reazer by telling her that she got shorted since her only "Super Power" was the ability to love. She responded that he underestimated the power of love. If I could have a super power it would be to be able to love the way Esme does.
But that is just one Bear's opinion


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