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I personally think the first Victoria was better. I think she brought more to the character than Bryce does. Even in New Moon, Rachelle only had short scenes, but i still felt like she really wanted Bella dead no matter what. I just wasn't feeling it like I should have in Eclipse.

 What do you guys think?


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Have not watched the movie as yet but I already figures Bryce would not perform as great as Rachelle did and Rachelle did a hell of a good job!
I personally think the 2nd Victoria is better. She brought more of scene then the other, I didnt like the other too much. She was plain. SHe was really great especially in Eclipse the acting was great. She really convinced the newborn (Riely)
Both Victorias were good, just different. Rachelle's Victoria was wilder, more sexual, more overtly wild. Bryce's was actually closer to the books in some way, more delicate, deceptively sweet looking enough to make Riley believe she was vulnerable. I could see in Bryce's performance a softness that made Riley's falling for her more plausible. And yet, I still thought she was amazingly fierce when she needed to be.

I was as upset as anyone when Rachelle was replaced but it was partly her fault for booking another movie when she was already committed to Eclipse and knew she had to be in Vancouver for filming. So Bryce stepped in and that's not her fault that Rachelle and Summit couldn't work out their differences. I really don't like comparing the two actresses because I think they both did good jobs, and Bryce especially so because her circumstance is so difficult thanks to the fans. Because even if Bryce nailed the performance, there would still be some fans looking for something in her performance to criticize because she's not Rachelle. For me, Bryce and Rachelle just have different styles. I actually think Bryce's Victoria is more in line with the books, but Rachelle had so firmly established her own brand of Victoria that the differences in how they play the role may be too much for some fans. I hope not, because Bryce did a good job.
I think you are right. I was totally stuck on the first Victoria & didn't give Bryce a chance I think because she was too different from the first. The more I think about it, you have a good point. Bryce does seem more like the book Victoria.


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