The Twilight Saga

Ok everyone who is hotter? Edward(hint), or Jacob?

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From both the description in the book and on the film,Edward! He is just....beautiful!
well.... of course Edward lol especaily the one i made up in my head in the book but jacob is still really hot in the movie:)
EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY
Edward for sure.jacob doesn't even have 1/10 of his appeal
EDWARD DEFINATLY!!! I dont like jacob and i dont think hes hot!!! Edward is soooo gawjus!! :)
th results are in!!! more people think that edward is the hottest!
and of couse i agree!!!
Edward, edward, and EDWARD
das a retorical ques..edward is! contest. (I think)
edward is hot but emmett is the hottiest....!!!!!!!!!!!
literally & physically, I mean with the temperature jacob is hotter! LoL.. BUT, in appeal, EDWARD is far far far hotter than jacob... oh yeah!


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