The Twilight Saga

hmmmmmmmm who do you think??
for me EDWARD!!!!

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Honestly, I think they're all Hott!!

Edward of course.. But off the screen, Carlisle is without a doubt the best!!
they are all beautiful and hot in their own way!!

edward and jasper are winning!! :)
I say Emmett...
Then Edward, Then Carlisle, Then Jasper
ohhh your team emmett! :)

<3Ewards my No.1 without a doubt!!!! Who doesnt love him???? I supose da jacob lovers do:(
<3Carlisles my No.2 he is da most carin person in da world!!!!!!!!!!!
Den comes Jasper and Emmett, der ok, i guess................
well we can't do anything about the team jacobs! they don't like edward humpf!
I like edward! But I love Jacob more... =] Sorry I like both of them but ever since like the second book I liked Jacob more...
Carlisle is the hottest omg he is soooo hot and then Edward and then Jasper and then Emmet

totally hot but for me edward is hotter :)



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