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Who was the "most evil" Jane, James, Aro, or Victoria.

One of the discovery channels is running a new show. It attempts to analyzes and the degree of evil of different villainous characters. It might compare Hitler, to Stalin, to Mao for example.  Then they will conclude that this villain was more evil than the other. 


Rose Discussion question number one: If you were to list, the above four characters by their degree of evilness. (most evil to least) how would you list them?
And two. If Stephanie Meyer choose Carlisle to symbolise good in the "Twilight Saga" (a debatable premise, I agree) who do you think she choose to represent evil?



Doc B


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lolol too many bad people to choose from. lol
The Rose Discussion for 4-11-10

Rose Discussion 4-11-10 Who was the most evil, Victoria, Jane, Aro, or James. Is being held at :
Doc B

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Hi Doc,

Aro- He is the oldest and most knowledgable in torture. By torture I mean to the degree of trying to seperate couples for his own personal gain. He only backs down if he see's no win to it for him, but will come back to fight another day. He values his life more than anybody elses. Everybody else is just a pawn to him.
Jane- She is a follower. And is more than happy to work on her own. She enjoys inflicting pain on others.
James- He was just a tracker/hunter everything was a game to him. Bella just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Victoria- She only wanted revenge for her mate. And would do anything James asked of her.

For your second one Doc, the evil to me would have been anything and everything that was trying to keep Bella and Edward apart from one another. To not let their love for each other grow.
I will have to agree with Fran, I could not of said it any better. She took the word right out of my mouth. For the second I do agree with Fran but I would also have to say Aro because he is a leader but dose not lead for the vampire he leads for himself. If there is a gift he wants he finds away around the law to get it at what ever the cost is.
Thanks. Also Aro values history, so when he comes acrossed something new his mind starts to work on how to aquire it by the least amount of resistance from it or they.
very true
That is a very interesting point. That, for the Saga, the powers that try and seperate Bella and Edward are "the evil" Thx Doc
Arro, James, Victoria, Jane!!! Hmmm!
This is a difficult question, the definition of evil is so subjective.

Anne Rice (Interview with a vampire) – ‘Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.’

I completely agree with this. To be inherently good is far more difficult. Evil is shown in so many forms from minor to major. Jealousy, vanity, hatred in some cultures/ religions is considered as evil. ‘The meek shall inherit the earth,’ and ‘love thy neighbour,’ are both espressions of goodness. Can we honestly say we are none of the above.
Obviously there is the more severe forms of evil, causing pain a suffering, killing good people, or even killing bad people, do two wrongs make a right???
Carlisle prevents Edward from destroying James in an ‘inhumane’ way. He doesn’t want Edward to become what he is.

Consider the following quote;

‘Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long
into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.’

1) To put them in order when i know so lttle of them is difficult to do. I would put them in the following order;

James; because he has a premeditated evil about him. Yes he does track and yes it’s like a game to him, but a game which ultimately always ends in death for innocent people.

Arro; Yes Arro is evil, but he does this in part to uphold a law which he was followwed for centuries. He does this in part, because he wants to protect his species from being ‘outed.’ The death penalty still exists in some part of the world. Those who choose to exercise it, - are they evil too? Maybe a debate for another time lol!

Jane; We know little of Jane’s background and what she went through during her being changed and in her life prior. She was very young when she was bitten and she has been overwhelmed in a way by the evil’s of Arro. It’s that whole debate on nature and nurture, is the way she is really her fault???

Victoria; How many of us would not seek revenge if something happened to the one we love? How many of us have been blinded by love? We know very little of the bond Victoria and James shared. It’s very difficult to judge when you know so little.

I believe the more you know about something the more objective you can be in relation to topic such as this one. I know these views are far different from some, but there is sooo much to think about.

I found the following quotes helpful;
‘All things truly wicked start from an innocence.’ – Ernest hemmingway.

‘No evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death,’ – Plato

Which one do you agree with?
Was Jane innocent before she was violently corrupted?

2) I think Aro was chosen to represent evil. I think Stephenies views on what is evil and what is not shines through in all of her characters. This probably represents her feelings on the topic, but as i said, i do believe it's a very subjective topic.
I've started a new discussion about whether or not a new novel should be written from the perspectives of the Volturi, it may help to understand them before judging how evil they are. That is the great thing about history. The reason we study it is because history represents the foundation for the building of the future. Please check it out!

Thank you Doc for inspiring my latest discussion, hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed your's.

It is my pleasure. Lots of my discussions were inspired by others. After all that is exactly where counterpoint discussions come from, Doc
I agree with you about Aro, but would also like to add that he is the one that started the laws in the first place. And bends them and twist them so they can serve him better not the rest of the vampire community. Yes he doesn't want to be "outed" but is also willing to go to great lengths to aquire what he wants and will travel great distance's as well. He as well as Marcus and Caius will make up any excuse for a rule to be broken to get what they want, whether that is a new power to be gained and used for their benefit or simply a way to get rid of a family that they feel is a threat. When in fact that family has done nothing to hurt them.
I have to agree with you Fran about Aro, I beleave I said about the same thing. Aro would have to be my first pick.


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