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Introduction: In the beginning of the novel "Twilight," Bella Swan explains to us, that that she doesn't fit in with "CLICKS." She says "I never fit in with a click at my old school which had over 3,000 students. What were my chances of finding a group to fit in with at Fork's High?" (Paraphrased)



At the end of the movie "Eclipse" screen writer Mallissa Rosenberg, has Bella explain to Edward that his world is where she belongs. (Bell had discovered that she "fit in" with both "his world and his family." Which just happens to be one of the most unusual "families" on the planet)


Bella also tells us that her first reaction on seeing the Cullen "siblings" was to pity them and feel relief for herself.



    White Rose question: What was it about Bella that allowed her to "fit in" with the Cullens and fit with their world


      An OPTIONAL extra credit question:

Stephanie Meyer choose to quote Genesis 2-17 at the start of her novel "Twilight." 
Why do you think that, that particular quote symbolizes the story to her? Quote: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil  thou shall not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest there of, thou shall surely die. 
(The apple is the fruit of the is depicted on the cover of the book)


  As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion. Yours, Doc 


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Dear Twi-Alice,
Thank you for your kind compliment,
You make an excellent point. Edward thinks of the other students at school as children. But he and the other Cullens immediately recognize Bella for the adult woman that she is even though physically she is still a teenager.
I agree with you Bella recognizes the Cullens as being outsiders just like she is. And I also agree with you SOMETHING magical happened between herself and Edward when they made eye contact. Thank you for sharing with us. You reminded us of one excellent point after another. Yours, Doc

Question One... I think Bella "fits in" with the Cullens and their World, because of the way she was raised, She had to be a grown up long before her time, such as having to Mother her own Mother, I think that not being able to be a child (as it were) makes one THINK differently, SEE things differently... Although I didn't raise my Mother she did treat me as an equal and confided family problem and troubles to me causing me to be one of the grown ups in the family way to I understand not fitting in with ones own peer group, To also I believe Bella has had years of hiding herself (her REAL self) from her family/friends so she could mother them...she put up a strong front/ a shield to protect herself. Thus being able to recognized a grown ups soul in the somewhat teenage looking Edward stated a freak among also fits Bella...

ECQ: It's all ultimate temptation... If you eat from the tree you shall surely die, and Adam and Eve (so the story goes), gave up eternal life for the forbidden fruit...

and as for Bella.... Edward and the Vampire world is the forbidden fruit in the story, if she is to resist the fruit a human life span is to be had.... and if she doesn't resist the fruit she will surely die, at least the human part of her... a perfect quote to describe the book series

I think that it symbolizes the book to her because everyone knows that vampires are suppose to be damned, evil creatures that, that lurk in the shadows preying on the innocent..... the scary bedtime and spooky story's we are to fear and stay away from....and the Cullens just don't fit that bill....they are nothing like the horror story's we are to fear...but quite the opposite.....and just like Bella...the Cullens are OUR forbidden fruit.....
Dear Twilighted,

Your response about how Bella was raised is just supperb. You are so right a child deserves the chance to be a child. A parents turning their child into a "friend' is so unfair. A child need a parent. Once they have been "broken" into adulthood there is no going back. How insightful on your part.

I have heard several people interpret the symbolism of Stephanie's quote from genesis. But I have never heard it explained so eloquently, as you did. And so obviously correct after reading it. Thank you for sharring with us. Yours, Doc

I think she was predestined to be with the Cullens. Her dad never leaving Forks. Her mom acting childishly so that Bella develops an "old soul" as she takes care of her. Her scent driving Edward crazy. Her mind silent to him, so that he would be consumed with curiosity. Her overwhelming attraction to near death experiences. She has been the missing puzzle piece to there coven all along. Fate brought her to them.

I think Edward is the forbidden fruit. If Bella partakes of what the Cullen's are, then everlasting life will be denied for her as a vampire(afterlife). I think Edward is right(about the soul thing) & becoming what they are damn's them all.

I want to believe that last part isn't true.

Dear Trisha,
You make a great point in your response about fate. Bella PERFECTLY fit into the Cullen world. And you point out a fact that very, very few people notice. Bella was attracted to the fear of Edwards world. I think we first see that when Edward walks past Bella in the principle's office. She says "A tingle of fear ran up my arm, and it was exciting." (paraphrased)

To most observers Bella's declaration that she "had become a thrill junkie" seemed totally out of character. But for close observers like you, I have a feeling that it was much more understandable. Thank you for sharing your insightful observations, Doc
All of the awkward physical things that Bella feels is wrong for her in "our" world she knows and can see will not follow her once she goes "over". And I think she likes the way the Vampire side behave towards each other...
Dear Dawn Rose:

You make a great point. In the human world everyone seems to be so hung up on appearance. But like Bella, that isn't so in the Vampire world. (EC to AH, Q; "She has always been dazzelingly beautiful!"
Thank you for sharing with us,
Yours, Doc B
1) What was it about Bella that allowed her to "fit in" with the Cullens and fit with their world?

I don't think Bella ever felt like she did fit in with anyone else other than the Cullens. She never felt a part of any other social group, she was older than her years throughout the Twilight Saga. She felt sorry for the cullens because they didn't seem to fit in either. She identified with them. In Eclipse the movie, she told Edward that it wasn't just about him and tha she was literally stumbling through her life, never fitting in, until she became a part of the Cullens world. I think the Cullens were her destiny, not only Edward but all of them. She was meant for something more, she brought peace between natural enemies.

2) Stephanie Meyer choose to quote Genesis 2-17 at the start of her novel "Twilight."
Why do you think that, that particular quote symbolizes the story to her? Quote: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shall not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest there of, thou shall surely die.

I'm gonna have a think about this one.
I think the forbidden fruit is represented by the forbidden choice Bella makes of wanting to be turned. 'thou shall surely die,' not only in physical body but also in soul and shemay not be allowed passage into heaven as Edward believes. It represents the constant battle between good and evil. The book fights against all of our misconceptions and stereotyping, believing one vampire is bad so they all must be.
In the garden where the tree was with the forbidden fruit (which was also known as the tree of conscience ironically), was also a tree of life which gave immortality. 'God banished the couple from the garden in order to deny them access to the Tree of Life which would give them immortality' - When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they were banned from the garden and could no longer eat from the tree of life/ immortality. Even though vampires are immortal, their souls are not and to some people, this is more important (Edward).It also states that by way of punishment, the Lord told the woman (eve) that she would have a painful childbirth (is this just coincidence or did Stephenie know this and represent it through Bella's childbirth in Breaking Dawn?????

I love this question. I don't feel as though i've answered it properly and will probably come back to it.

Thanks, kimmie x

Hi Doc,

White Rose question: What was it about Bella that allowed her to "fit in" with the Cullens and fit with their world?

Well Bella knew at a very young age that she was different than everybody else. She saw the world completly different than the rest, she was very mature for her age. She was very insightful, very observant to her surroudings. That to me is why she fit in with the Cullens. She was born to be a vampire only she didn't know it until she saw Edward. She could believe in all the myth's and legends that she thought were fairytales.

An OPTIONAL extra credit question:

Stephanie Meyer choose to quote Genesis 2-17 at the start of her novel "Twilight."
Why do you think that, that particular quote symbolizes the story to her? Quote: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shall not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest there of, thou shall surely die.

Well to me it says that....Bella finding out about the Cullens and what they truly were was knowledge that she could and would die for.

As always these are just my thoughts, looking forward to everybody elses.
What a great question Doc!
It seems to me that what makes Bella fit in with the Cullens is their shared love for Edward. Even Rosalie, who doesn't really care for Bella, has to admit that Bella truly does love Edward, especially after she raced to Italy to save him from himself. Because Edward loves Bella, the Cullens open their hearts and their home to her. Because Bella loves Edward, and his family obviously loves him too, Bella is comfortable in knowing that they have that one thing in common from the start.

She doesn't really "fit in" with the Cullens--they're all graceful, she's a klutz; they're all beautiful, she thinks of herself as average; they have money, she doesn't (how odd her truck must have looked parked at their house!)--in fact, all the things that make Bella so self-conscious at school are probably magnified to the thousandth power in comparison to the Cullens. Yet she's not overly self-conscious with them. Nervous, at first, about impressing them, but not self-conscious (except with Rosalie, who openly doesn't approve of her, and with Edward, who she can't believe really wants her). Why is Bella reduced to a stuttering mess on her first day of school, but able to be at ease in Carlisle's study on her first visit to their house?

It takes a great deal of trust for the Cullens to continue living in Forks after Bella discovers their secret. She could, at any time, reveal the truth. Yet Carlisle and Esme (and by extension, any of the "Cullens" who wish to remain part of the Cullens) are willing to trust that she won't expose them. Why? Because, for one, Alice would see that coming. But for another, they know that a very special bond is forming (finally!) for Edward with this strange human girl.

The other thing, I think, that makes Bella fit in with them is that they are all outcasts. Bella is relieved to find so many loving, giving people that she doesn't have to try so hard with, the way she does at school or with other people. The Cullens don't blend in, they stand out in much the same way that Bella, as the new girl, does. If Bella feels awkward about herself, she only has to compare the acceptance she gains at school to the outcast Cullens to see that by comparison, she's not the oddest girl around. In fact, when it comes to the Cullens and Forks High, her role with them is reversed. She's kind of at the top of the food chain, socially, because the kids of Forks accept her far more willingly than they do the Cullens.

Bella is never really an outcast in Forks. But she thinks of herself as one. And she can plainly see that the Cullens don't fit in either. So to her, she feels as though they have that in common as well, and it's one more little piece of what makes Bella feel so comfortable with Edward's family. It's something else, aside from their love for Edward, that they share.

Was Bella born to be a vampire? She certainly seems to think so. She can be all the things she's never felt she was--beautiful, graceful, confident--if she's changed. But I think her destiny, for lack of a better word, has more to do with serving as the pivotal force around which polar opposites unite. We talk a lot about how Bella managed to bridge the divide between the Cullens and the Quileutes, but we don't think of the ways in which she managed to help the Cullen "kids" attain some acceptance amongst the humans in Forks too. Jess and Mike won't ever be Alice or Edward's BFF, but they don't entirely shun them by the time they graduate the way they had before Bella. So she really brings all the different types of beings--humans included--a little closer together in Forks.

I don't think of Bella being a vampire as her fate. I think that's her choice. But I do think she was fated to come to Forks at the right time, and in the right way, to help bring everyone together. Quite a feat for a socially awkward girl from Phoenix! Even Charlie, the most oblivious human on the planet, is forced to accept some aspects of the supernatural thanks to Bella.

now about that ec question, i need to give that some thought.
I love your answer. Totally agree.


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