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WHY Didn't Bella Take Her Life?
Introduction: Juliet took her life over Romeo. And Romeo did the same over Juliet. Moments after learning about the loss of Bella, Edward left to end his life.
BUT: Bella didn't take her life. Why was that? 



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Hi Doc!!  Long time.  Happy Holidays!   I think Bella would have taken her life had Edward been killed by Victoria, but then again, maybe not.  She might have been "afraid" to actually do it, but at that point, Victoria would have killed her anyway. 


Got Eclipse for Christmas.  So psyched!!  Looking forward to more discussions.

Dear Robin,
I agree with you. I don't think Bella could have taken her life. BECAUSE of her love for Edward. Edward wasn't dead. And as long as he wasn't, there was always the possibility that they might be reunited. I also wonder if she subconsciously knew that he was still desperatly in love with her.  And would have to someday return. Like you I was so excited to get eclipse for Christmas. I got some wonderful gifts. But Santa Didn't get me Eclipse. So I guess that I will have to go get my own.
So good to share with you again, Yours, Doc


Sorry I'm New. What book are we on

Akki (I HATE my full name!!!!)

I also agree that Bella was too scared to take her life,but I also think she was thinking of all who would miss her.Charlie,Jacob,Renee,and of course the Cullens.Somewhere deep down,she knows they would come back.And Akki,we're on New Moon.


thank you!

Dear Isadora,

THE CULLENS!! What a great point.

EC, Q PP. "I already think of you as one of us.'

CC, Q: "We protect OUR OWN' (In reference to Bella)

As I was drafting this discussion I didn't consider that important point.

Yours, Doc

Dear Akkilynn,

This question would be related to "New Moon." But (after 200? some discussions we tend to "blend' the Saga story line.

Yours, Doc

As long as Edward was still alive, no matter how depressed Bella got deep down she still had hope that one day he would return to her.  But she had told Edward at least twice that if anything ever happened to him that she not only wouldn't, but she couldn't go on without him.  As soulmates it would be very likely that if Edward had ever died Bella would have died also more or less by willing herself to die.  It's called dying of a broken heart and yes it is possible.

Dear Lauralynn,

People certainly can die from broken hearts. We forget how powerful the mind is on the body. My father (a superb physician) told me that one time he was treating a patient in Africa I think. When a local witch doctor "cast a spell" on one of his patients. The "Voodoo practitioner told my dad's patient that his arm was going to die. My dad said that the patient's arm simply died and that there was nothing he could do to stop it. If it hadn't been my father telling me about the patent's course I simply would not have believed it.


I thought Bella did not take her own life because Edward told her not to.  I believe that is what he meant when he told her not to do anything stupid, "for Charlie's sake".  Now granted the whole point of getting the motorcycles fixed was to "cheat" on her promise to Edward, and she sort of got a kick out of knowing Charlie wouldn't like it as well.  So I am a little surprise that suicide didn't at least cross her mind, and then her talk herself out of it for Charlie, the Cullens, Jacob, her mom, etc.  If talking about the "zombie stage" I don't think that Bella had enough thought process to kill herself, most do not just accidentally kill themselves (and if they do then it is not suicide, but an accident) so she would need a plan, and I don't think she had the mental compacity during that time to form a plan and follow through with it. 


Yes, Edward asked Bella not to do anything stupid, but if you remember he made her a promise that if she did that it would be as if he never existed.  In New Moon when she gets on the back of the biker's motorcycle, she has a conversation with Edward's memory.  He was reminding her of her promise on to do anything foolish.  Her reply was," You promised that it would be as if you never existed at all.  You lied."  It's at that point when Bella declares that she feels no longer bound to the promise she made to Edward since in her eyes he has not lived up to his.   

When you refer to the "zombie stage" I'm guessing you are referring to Bella's months that she was in a catatonic state.  I can tell you, when people are in that "zone" they do have enough of a thought process to thing of suicide.  In fact that is more than likely the number one thing that is on their mind.  When you are in this state you have what they call racing thoughts which is where your mind latches on to one thought and it plays it over and over at supper speed and the person is so depressed that they don't have the mental strength to stop this thinking process so it just continues to get louder and faster. People who are this bad usually need hospitalization and medication and therapy to brake the cycle.  Some are so far gone that it takes EST to disrupt the process and bring these people back to reality.  These are the people that you hear about that loose months to years out of their lives because they aren't aware of time and the world as it goes on without them while their brain is turned in on it's self. 

Even though she was mad at Edward because he "lied", I still she didn't try and kill herself because he told her not to.  

I think that you described Bella's zombie time very, very well.  However I feel that you supported my point rather than contradict it.  If she only has one thought racing through her head, then I would assume that thought would be "he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone" because that is what she was mumbling when Sam brought her home.  


Another thought that I would add to my reasons is that Bella typically thinks of others more than herself and committing suicide is extremely selfish and is not thinking of anyone but yourself.  And that is just not Bella, she constantly puts others before herself.  So I really do not see it being in her character to commit suicide. 


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