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Why Do You Love Edward ?


Survey after survey of "Twilight Saga" fans show that Edward Cullen is by far and away, the most loved of all the Saga's Characters.

Each man or woman that likes him, seems to find different characteristics of his appealing.


Rose discussion question: What specific characteristics of Edward do you find the most appealing?


Alternative Rose Discussion question: If you don't find Edward appealing; What characteristics of his do you find the most "off putting."


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I agree with you Robin, If the descussion is not for you then find one that is and have respect for the other group members. If you are Team Jacob then just answer Jacob descussion. Alicia pls start having respect for the descussion group. I do understand that you don't like Rob but that dose not give you the right to disrespect other group member. And I just rewatched New Moon and Edward dose not look bored he looks hurt and angry and like somany thing going through his mind. I have seen some of your other comment on other decussion that where good Keep to those pls. Have RESPECT Thanks
Why I love Edward, Their are so many things that I could say about that. He could read everyone's mind but Bella's, and that made her a mystery to him, and the smell of her blood,and of her, so he had to get to know her better, and when he did he fell in love with her. When a person truly love's someone all they want to do is make them happy,protect, and take care of them. When Edward did this for Bella,this heartless soul became more like a human. He had fellings like he never had before, like a man has for a woman. Edward changed,and the true Edward came to life,gentle,kind,loving, and all he wanted was Bella. He would do anything for her, because she was his life. Edward was very handsome, strong,fast, and had all that money could buy, but he didn't have love for a woman. He didn't want to turn Bella because he didn't want to kill her, or make her the monster that he was, he wanted her to have all that a human would have in life, and not take anything away from her. The way he loved Bella was the very best love story I have ever read in my life, and I can't get enough of it, as soon as I finish one book I go to the next, and watch the movies once a week.
I totally agree...really great love story! I like the contradiction in Edward....he has so many experience but on the other hand this is the first time he falls in love and go through the relationship. The times of loneliness makes him be overprotective but even this he can think of and get back once he realizes that he's hurting Bella...he would do all for her.....even if he should suffer....and that's just amazing
do you even have to ask?!
Edward Cullen as a vampire, gorgeous and hot! (as what people would say), but it is not just his looks that are appealing, as a vampire, he has compassion and affection, especially towards Bella, and the fact that he is considerate and possibly loyal and humble too. He looks out for his family (hated Bella initially because he thought she is going to destroy him and thus his family have to move again, and to dissapoint Carlisle....), and at least he knows his priorities....

Dear Natshane, You say "he (Edward) has compassion and affection for Bella," How well put and how true. Love truly is a miracle. I love the lines where Edward (not knowing that he is starting to fall in love for the first time says" "I wanted to protect her! Now where did that DESIRE come from!?" And when Bella asks why he cares about her, he say; "I really DON'T KNOW!" Love is magical in it's effect. And the beauty of The Saga, is that we get to see Edward develop into the beautiful compassionate man that he always was destined to be. Thanks to Bella"s love of course.

Dear Linda, I am glad that you like the pictures. There are over 1000 of what I think are the best "Twi Pics" scattered among the last 200 of our discussions. If you like them, help yourself. But these next 5 are just for YOU! lolRB aka Doc B

I'll just bet it wouldn't be hard for you! lol RB

Well, let's see here...he has a love that you cannot fake, it is so deep and real. I think folks summed it up best with chivalrous. Not to mention...gorgeous!
I am interested in the affection and the desire that Edward has. I dont know if Robert Pattinson has the same but some of his features are attractive. I definitely like Taylor's looks. And as Jacob I like his personality.


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