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Why Do You Love Edward ?


Survey after survey of "Twilight Saga" fans show that Edward Cullen is by far and away, the most loved of all the Saga's Characters.

Each man or woman that likes him, seems to find different characteristics of his appealing.


Rose discussion question: What specific characteristics of Edward do you find the most appealing?


Alternative Rose Discussion question: If you don't find Edward appealing; What characteristics of his do you find the most "off putting."


Doc B

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So many characteristics to choose from. He reminds me of old chilvery that you don't really see any more. He doesn't want to rush Bella. He wants her to be able to live her life the way she wants to. He always leaves her with options no matter how it will affect him. Most importantly, he remembers to open the door for a lady. Crying just thinking about it.
:) welling up too!! However, I don't think there are really "negatives" as far as Edward is concerned . . . he thinks too much of HER feelings and that is so very cool.
I agree with you 100%. His only motivation for living was Bella....he would do anything for her.

Sandra forgive me for taking so long to respond ( I Got lost) You are so so right. Bella was Edward's very life. "EC to BS, Q: You ARE my life now." "Just your being here is all the presents I will ever need."
Thanks for sharring, Doc

Chivery ! Yes just wonderfu. Esme to Bella: No he wouldn't have told you (about the death of her baby) 'My Edward ALWAYS the gentleman.' Thanks for sharing Doc

Also: soooo many characteristics to choose from... Hmmmm... Thinking...
Well, I'll just do it like this:
Positive so I like...
- Chivalry!
- values, he really has them ^^
- he gives Bella the choice of life without strings attached
- his kisses are sooo sweet (in the hollow of her neck and so)
and I can go on for ages ^^

Now negative so I don't like...
- his aggressive character --> towards Bella. Dude, you can have protective feelings and we do get them, she's the one you've been waiting for for an entire century BUT she's also madly in love with you so please, give her a break sometimes.
We all get it she's fragile but she managed to survive for 17-18 years without you, so one hour or so wouldn't be a problem for her.
- his overprotectiveness but I explained that already in my previous point
- his virginity - meaning: jeezes, you're turning Bella on and so and THEN you turn her down because it might be too dangerous. Pfffoew!! :S

And that's about it... :)

You make some excellent points Edward had both positive and negative characteristics. It is interesting that when he did tell Bella that he had killed people she responded as if to say. "We all bring baggage into a relationship" Thanks for sharing, Doc What does Pfffoew!! mean ?

Aside from the character cast being GORGEOUS!! He's sweet and suddle and definitely LOVES his woman. He shows her in the smallest, most sincere ways how much he really loves this person. In real life you don't always need all the "pomp and circumstance" . . . you really just need the small things. I'm so looking for my "Edward" this next time around.
ok you sound like me...if i can take any memories with me in the next life it would be the edward character. I wish to come back as a female again just to find someone like that


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