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"Will Bella Ever Be Normal Again?" That Was The Question Charlie Was Indirectly Asking Alice. BUT: What was Alice's Answer? And Do You Agree With Her? Those Are The Rose Questions For Today.


"Will Bella Ever Be Normal Again?" That Was The Question Charlie Was Indirectly Asking Alice. BUT: What was Alice's Answer? And Do You Agree With Her?  Those Are The Rose Questions For Today



Introduction: As we read "The Twilight Saga," we learn that a special type of love, develops between Charlie Swan and Alice Hale. In the novel "New Moon," after Alice watched her sister (Bella) "commit suicide," she didn't think. She just automatically went to Forks. Alice didn't go to Forks to help her deceased sister. She "knew" that Bella was beyond help. She went to Forks, to assuage Charlie's pain. (to assuage: to help make someones pain, less intense or sever)  



The morning after Alice arrived, Bella pretended to sleep, as she listened a discussion about herself that Alice and Charlie were having. And as they talked, Charlie INDIRECTLY asked Alice her opinion on several topics. (I paraphrase) Charlie Quote; "I think Jacob is good for Bella." Charlie is surprised by Alice's immediate agreement.  "That's good Charlie." Then Charlie speculates that unfortunately Alice's visit may renew Bella's pain. But he hopes that her visit will somehow help her.  Alice again agrees with him, "I do too, Charlie. I do too."




Finally Charlie INDIRECTLY asks Alice the BIG question. The one which has been literally torturing him for months. "Alice: Do you think that Bella will ever be 'normal' again?" Is what Charlie desperately wants to know.



Charlie has already told Alice:  "Hospitalize her!..Night of the walking dead!.. still lacks the courage to even listen to music or the Television! Then (Thanks to Jacob) some rose in her cheek, some flash in her eyes..BUT!!!!!



BUT!! Charlie tells Alice: "Even NOW (after all this time) I still occasionally see 'IT' in her eyes." "IT" is emptyness and the pain: "The pain that must have much worse than I even imagined." 


The question that Charlie is indirectly asking Alice is: "Will Bella ever heal her psychological wound? Will she ever be NORMAL again? Alice had given her opinions on Charlie's other indirect questions, but she doesn't give her opinion on this one. 



    White Rose question: If Alice had given Charlie her opinion on this question, what do you think that her answer would have been? And do you agree with her?


   Bonus: Optional question:  In the same conversation. Bella specifically notes, a very telling response that Alice gives to a presumption that Charlie makes. Bella even takes the time, to comment on the unique quality of Alice's reply. Bella says: "Alice switched to a steeled voice'.. And I could even imagine her eyes flashing as she said ;  'I wouldn't be so fast to make that assumption Charlie!'  But our INVARIABLY intuitive Bella, didn't speculate on the implications of Alice's retort. (Retort: To reply in an especially abrasive manner)  WHY DO YOU THINK THAT SHE DIDN'T



I always sincerely enjoy learning your opinion. 
 Doc B
PS. FYI: ALL of my quotes are ALWAYS paraphrases. 
That is the moderators prerogative after all.


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Also Bella never stopped wanting to be a Vampire that why Alice could still see it. And thats why Alice told her on the plain she would change her herself. Bella's discussion never changed even after EC left
JJ, I have a theory about what Alice was able to see and when in Twilight. I don't think she was able to see with certainty that Bella would be a vampire. She was only able to see it as a possibility (a very good one).

I think this because of two things in the books. The first is the way Alice is able to see Edward's future in NM. On the way to Italy, Alice sees many different outcomes for Edward. This is because Edward is contemplating various different plans in response to the Volturi's decision. She isn't able to see a definite outcome because his plans are changing constantly. But as he thinks of various differnt ideas, she is able to see various results. He hasn't made a firm decision yet, which is why his future isn't clear to her, but she is able to see the possibilities as different ideas cross his mind.

The second reason is because of that conversation with Jake in the tent in Eclipse. Edward tells Jake that he knew there were always four possibilities with Bella once her met her. He could hope she didn't return his feelings (which didn't happen), he could stay with her remaining human, he could leave and force her into option one, or he could change her.

Each of these possibilities has an outcome that Alice would be able to see as Edward contemplated them in Twilight, just as she was able to see the ever-changing possibilities for Edward in NM. Even before he realized he loved Bella, he would have been contemplating staying or going or giving in to his thirst. Alice would have been able to see all the possibilities of those options as Edward thinks of them. Staying could only have a handful of outcomes--that he stays and nothing happens, that he stays and gives in to his thirst, that he stays and gets to know Bella. If he chooses the latter (which he has at least considered) there is that possibility of him giving in to his attraction to her and starting a relationship. If that happens, there are more possibilities: Bella would become a vampire like them in order for their relationship to work, or she would die eventually, either as a human does or as a result of being around the vampires. So I think that Alice is also contemplating the possibilities, trying to help Edward know what the otucome of his various options are. One of the outcomes of a certain set of options is that Bella will become a vampire at some point. I think it's that possibility that Alice sees.

Similarly, I would say that in NM, each time that Edward gives in to temptation and thinks of going back, he would be waivering. He wants to see her face again, to hear her voice, to restore meaning to his life. So though he is fairly resolved to stay the course and stick to his decision to leave, he does think of returning to Bella in his moments of weakness, of seeing her face filled with forgiveness. In the very beginning of that phone call outtake on SMeyer's website, he thinks briefly that if he's doomed to failure anyway, he should just stop torturing himself and go back. The effect of this thought on him is immediate and strong--dizziness and a sense of healing. So if he is thinking this, even occasionally, even for a second here and there, and Alice is thinking of Edward and worrying about him (as I'm sure she would be) then she would see that brief flicker and know that even though he has "resolved" to stay away from Bella, that his resolve is waivering. She would be able to very briefly see the outcome of those waivering thoughts just as she was able to see his brief ideas and outcomes in NM.

Again, just my thoughts on this.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, that does make much more sense on how Alice would be able to see Bella as a vampire. It does not seem realistic that the thought would not have crossed Edward's mind so I can see how she would see that possibility.
Dear JJ, I have wondered about this too. Edward had not conciously made a decision. Although he may have subconciously started to make one. ACQ "I am going to love her too Edward." EC to himself Q "I was stunned." ????
Shannon well said
Thanks Debbie!
Edward does have some very attractive features.

ouch roflol
wow, attractive features might be an understatement Doc!
In NM Alice told Bella she would change her herself before they even got to EC. and she also told BS that she could see her because she was already intuned to her.
I agree with you JJ. I don't think that it was Alice's place to say that. I think that she just responded reflexively. As she did in Volturia, Doc



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