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"Will Bella Ever Be Normal Again?" That Was The Question Charlie Was Indirectly Asking Alice. BUT: What was Alice's Answer? And Do You Agree With Her? Those Are The Rose Questions For Today.


"Will Bella Ever Be Normal Again?" That Was The Question Charlie Was Indirectly Asking Alice. BUT: What was Alice's Answer? And Do You Agree With Her?  Those Are The Rose Questions For Today



Introduction: As we read "The Twilight Saga," we learn that a special type of love, develops between Charlie Swan and Alice Hale. In the novel "New Moon," after Alice watched her sister (Bella) "commit suicide," she didn't think. She just automatically went to Forks. Alice didn't go to Forks to help her deceased sister. She "knew" that Bella was beyond help. She went to Forks, to assuage Charlie's pain. (to assuage: to help make someones pain, less intense or sever)  



The morning after Alice arrived, Bella pretended to sleep, as she listened a discussion about herself that Alice and Charlie were having. And as they talked, Charlie INDIRECTLY asked Alice her opinion on several topics. (I paraphrase) Charlie Quote; "I think Jacob is good for Bella." Charlie is surprised by Alice's immediate agreement.  "That's good Charlie." Then Charlie speculates that unfortunately Alice's visit may renew Bella's pain. But he hopes that her visit will somehow help her.  Alice again agrees with him, "I do too, Charlie. I do too."




Finally Charlie INDIRECTLY asks Alice the BIG question. The one which has been literally torturing him for months. "Alice: Do you think that Bella will ever be 'normal' again?" Is what Charlie desperately wants to know.



Charlie has already told Alice:  "Hospitalize her!..Night of the walking dead!.. still lacks the courage to even listen to music or the Television! Then (Thanks to Jacob) some rose in her cheek, some flash in her eyes..BUT!!!!!



BUT!! Charlie tells Alice: "Even NOW (after all this time) I still occasionally see 'IT' in her eyes." "IT" is emptyness and the pain: "The pain that must have much worse than I even imagined." 


The question that Charlie is indirectly asking Alice is: "Will Bella ever heal her psychological wound? Will she ever be NORMAL again? Alice had given her opinions on Charlie's other indirect questions, but she doesn't give her opinion on this one. 



    White Rose question: If Alice had given Charlie her opinion on this question, what do you think that her answer would have been? And do you agree with her?


   Bonus: Optional question:  In the same conversation. Bella specifically notes, a very telling response that Alice gives to a presumption that Charlie makes. Bella even takes the time, to comment on the unique quality of Alice's reply. Bella says: "Alice switched to a steeled voice'.. And I could even imagine her eyes flashing as she said ;  'I wouldn't be so fast to make that assumption Charlie!'  But our INVARIABLY intuitive Bella, didn't speculate on the implications of Alice's retort. (Retort: To reply in an especially abrasive manner)  WHY DO YOU THINK THAT SHE DIDN'T



I always sincerely enjoy learning your opinion. 
 Doc B
PS. FYI: ALL of my quotes are ALWAYS paraphrases. 
That is the moderators prerogative after all.


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Good question I will need time to think about this one, Thanks Doc
If Alice had given Charlie her opinion on this question, what do you think that her answer would have been? And do you agree with her?
She would tell him that yes she will be ok again because she still seen Bella as one of them and she know that EC and BS love was so much more. They where like 2 halfs of a whole and that they would be together in the end even if she had to change Bella herself to make it happend. Yes I do agree with what her.
Bonus: I think Bella mind wanted to keep beleaving that he was on a distraction so that she would not feel. but her sub mind knew on a level that her still loved her and that why she heard his voice when she did some think dangerious. She was scard to get her hopes up that there was more to Alices comment. She never understood how he could love her in the first place that why it was easy for him to lie when he left her in the first place. Bella shielded her mind.
Dear Debbie,
What a great answer "Alice knew everything was going to be all right because she knew both Bella and Edward' I hadn't thought of that. But it makes perfect sense. And I also agree with you opinion about Bella's conscious and subconscious minds. Can't pull the wool over your eyes. Thx Doc

Thanks Doc for making me think out of my confort zone.
Ah Doc, making me go back and re-read . . . I'll be back! (do you know Arnold Schwarz... got $750,000 everytime he said those words!?!).
No I didn't. But as a doctor who treated athletes, I always suspected that he and Taylor may have used "a touch" of anabolic steroids. Yours, Doc

Hey Doc, I think you might be opening a can of worms with that one. =)
Just for the record, Taylor has denied taking any steroids, but I will admit that the thought crossed my mind.
A steroid is just a name for a class of of active substances our bodies produce. Cortisone is another one that regulates our salt balance and energy. If you lack it you you are said to have Addison's disease and will die. President John F Kennedy had the disease and consequently injectable cortisone was kept at all of America's embassys around the world. Androgen (The male hormone or steroid ) isn't bad. It can just have harmful affects if it is taken in too large a dose. One of my patients use to play professional football and he said that every one of his team mates took steroids. Another was a professional tennis player and he told me that he had watched the world's female tennis champion inject herself in the club house. Who is to say,
Somewhere I have the photos of Taylor when he finished Twilight and when he started New Moon and the change in 6 months is not humanly possible with out using steroids. The following pic is from a couple of years ago. But his post "Twilight" pic wasn't much different. In many of America's high schools 90% of football players are on anabolic steroids. The worlds largest producer of Anabolic Steroids is located in Mexico 3 miles from the American border. I don't criticize Taylor if he did use steroids. I would just counsel him to be careful about his doses.

There is certainly a huge difference and I wouldn't condemn him if he did use them. This would be for a very short period of time in his life (I do think his young age is a concern, but I don't really know). I also sort of assumed that he did, mostly because no one was asking that obvious question, and the reason they weren't asking is because his people told them not to ask (so he wouldn't have to lie). And when he was asked (in a fan interview) it makes sense that he would say no because if he said yes, then it would be like he was endorsing steroid use and I am pretty sure he does not want to do that.
Also it is very possible that he used some and didn't even know it. He is very young, and I am sure that he had protein shakes, vitamins, etc., that trainers were shoving in his mouth all the time.
As far as Jacob is concerned. The changes that he made between the two movies was just AMAZING. Exactly like the novels. To me he MADE the series possible. He looks and acts so much more mature. What a wonderful job of acting. IF he hadn't pulled it off there wouldn't have been the dynamic needed for the Saga to progress. I love the way his fan base just exploded. And Taylor is such a great guy. I love the way he just breaks into that wonderful smile. (so sunshine.. So Jacob)
Yours Doc

I have your answer!! Alice could not comment back to Charlie because Bella would never be the same without Edward. They were the lion and the lamb, what honey is to a bee, and like two swans... once mated they stay together for their entire life. They were jsut meant to be and she could not let in on to Cherlie that anything was going to change that he would possibly lose the daughter he knows now. With Bells'a change who knows what was really going to happen. For all they knew she may even have killed her own father from past experiences they had with New Borns. Alice loved Charlie as much as she loved Bella!! She did not want to hurt him any more then he was already hurting with the way Bella was acting. The other thing is really what can Alice really say... 'Well, pops your daughter is going to be a vampire someday and she will not look the way she does now. This will take care of all your worries and she will never hurt herself again!!" That in itself would have condemed Charlie to death or to become one of them as well. The laws even though they are made up by the Wicked Italian society, for human safty, had to be upheld.

Bonus: What Charlie was speaking of is that Edward did not care one bit how much she was hurting while he was out galavanting about in not so many words. Alice steeled her voice because right there she pretty much told that Edward still loved Bella and that she was not the only on hurting!! Bella of course was still so shocked to see Alice and that she was staying that she did not catch the true meaning. It may have been also because she was still in the midst of waking up as well. If she would have caught that she would not have went through the torment of losing him after she saved him.
Also, in Breaking Dawn after Bella's transformation occurs it was said that she must have been born to be a vampire!!


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