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You Are My Life Now ! Did These Words Commit Edward To Bella For Life ? The Great Austin Debate, year four!

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You Are My Life Now ! Did These Words Commit Edward To Bella For Life ? The Great Austin Debate, year four!

Question: Was Edward's statement to Bella : "You ARE my LIFE now !" So powerful that from that moment on they were committed to each other ? ( Edwaed made the declaration the morning after Bella said, "I would rather DIE than be without YOU ! (And if you agree that it sealed them together, why do you feel that way ?)


Reference: "The great Austin "Twilight" debate. Since 2005 a philosophic debate has raged as to exactly when Bell Swan and Edward Cullen committed themselves to each other. The Philosopher J. L. Austin 1911-1960, In his seminal work "How to do things with words" argued that certain statements are so definitive that they "in and of themselves, perform an action," and consequently alter conditions. He would say that Edward and Bella's statements, to each other, were so powerful that they constituted vows of commitment. And that from that moment on that the two of them were bonded. Had he not died in 1960, he might have argued that one of the reasons Bella was not as concerned about taking formal marriage vows with Edward, was because in her mind they were already committed to each other for life. Today's discussion is basically on whether you agree with Austin or not.

Question: Was Edward's statement to Bella: You ARE my LIFE now ! In her Bedroom the morning after she said "I would rather Die than be without YOU ! So powerful that from that moment on they were committed to each other ? (And if so, why do you feel that way ?)

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B

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4 (G + S) Kristen Steward sometimes uses the technique of method acting. She said that the morning the film team was preparing to "shoot" Edward"s "betrayal" scene,. she sat in her car and just kept saying over and over to herself. "The man I adore is going to desert me.." She said that tears started rolling down her face after 15 minutes. After 30 she was sobbing. And after an hour she was sobbing and crying so hysterically that she couldn't even pronounce a word. She said that it was at that moment, that she knew it was time to wave for the grip to escort her to the set to shoot the scene.

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Dear Tara,
Brilliant thoughts, Yes It sounds that like you and I are both philosophically Austin-ians.

As to your introductory thoughts about "self dialog" Jung and my brother would agree entirely. They might say "Yesterday we discussed how the actress Stewart, can make herself hysterically miserable by just focusing on miserable thoughts. We can do the same thing if we alow ourselfs to have "Stinking Thinking."

BUT, having free wills, we can also elect to do just the opposite.

And I also agree with you "You are my life now "changed everything." It made everything else secondary. It was Edward's pledge. But didn't it demand a reply on Bella's part for a bond to be sealed between the two?

As a Darcy-onian might say "You have my pledge of undying love. I only await your answer, to inform me if I am to lead a life of misery or joy!"

It was Edward's pledge to her. But I think (as she so often does, and as we will debate in detail tomorrow) it was BELLA who made the first pledge.

Here is an example you meet a wonderful man, who you care for deeply and he says "I love you Tara." Now that is a very positive statement (ie and so the lion fell in love with the lamb) but I don't think that it is a pledge.

If he says to you. "I love you. YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW." I do think that, that is a pledge.

And "I love you and I would rather die than be with you!" I also consider as a pledge.

Bella says in the meadow "Here we were declaring ourselfs to each other." I think she ment we are declaring our love for each other. But is that different than Pledging your lives to each other?

I forget what Edward said before Bella made her "death over seperation statement." (wish I remembered)

Before I wrote my response I saw your and Gemma's first lines on the home page. And I think that she is going to argue that they pledged themselves in the meadow. But (All BEAR) I think that maybe a pledge of love and a bonding pledge are not quite the same.(But I can't remember exactly what they said in the meadow)

Tara "Someone you can't live without, what a terrifying thought" R. Bear "Yes terrify but also TOTALLY LIBERATING!!! As humans we are poor selfish beings. But it is love that frees us (as Edward would say from being "the selfish creature I am")

Tara " I'd have to go on for the other! (R. B. Esme's decision! Gemma dissected those painful concepts so beautifuly in her essay, which she posted in story form yesterday)

Tara "They were committed the moment they met." RB Edward was. Was Bella? She certainly had the potential to be. (A debate for another day)

Which reminds me: In a draft of a book called, "Midnight Sun" When Edward is responding to Bella"s statement. (When he was trying to ask her out) Why are you bothering me now!" He admitted to himself, Because I am totaly crazy about you"

Just thoughts

Please forgive the mindless wanderings of a confused Bear. I only hope I haven't so muddied the discussion so much, that it is imposable to ever obtain any clarity.

Thank you for helping us answer this question.
Your friend, Doc

PS: In an America where 40% of children are born out of wed lock. And "That's my babie's daddy." Maybe Edward was right after all. How do she know?
i agree... i mean... feelings are like opinions... there's only a few things that we as humans truly have & can never be taken from you (well, unless you let them be taken i suppose), and these things also vary from person to person. some people know from the frist moment who they are meant to be with; others flounder for years to really find 'the one'. i think that they new from one of the first moments. perhaps that first electric shock in bio class. it seems that they're soul mates. (also spoken when it's said that bella's blood 'sings for him'. ) maybe this is what 'true love' is- when all you can see is being with that person every moment that you're not with them. i mean, bella practically dies when he leaves her. and edward was ready to throw everything away when he learned that bella had ''drown'- he hadn't even stopped to see if it were truly real. it's like when a husband or wife passes and then the spouse follows shortly after. i don't think they necessarily realized their connection right away, but they learned as their young love grew. i think by the time they had left the vouturi, they new they were destined to spend eternity together, not that they won't have bumps along the way!
There is different ways to look at this. I do agree that it made Edward committed to Bella. Bella still had the choice of not being with him, but why wouldn't she want to? I think when he said 'You are my life now' it made everyone think they would be together forever. But it also didn't make people think that Edward would leave Bella or that he wouldn't change her. I think if he had not haid that and never left her, it would be the saem old love story. That line has a major influence on this story. They are committed to each other, they just don't fully know it yet.

Although i think they commitited the day before in the meadow when they shared so much of themselves than before, i do think this statement really seals their live together. It is as powerful as saying I love you and for someone to say to me would bea wonderful thing, and as for Ewdard saying it, it would be made more powerful because he doesn't just have one lifetime, but from someone who lives forever really makes it more powerful than Bella saying I love you. She really is his life and nothing and noone matters more.. He has over come his monster for Bella(not completely of course), so when he says this over the blood lust which has probably ruled his life until then even if it was for animal blood it still took over this need because his need for Bella was stronger. This is what helped him stop when she sucked the venom from her blood, because he now has something to live for whch is why in New moon he plans to kill himself because Bella's life his life is over.

I can see fom what you've written in the introduction, what you say about Bella already feel comment to edward without the need for marriage. She had declared her love for him, willing went to save him because she was commited then for life their life whether that was together in life or death, she was commited to spending eternity to him as immortal because she'd loved him not because she desired being immortal, because it would mean being with him, alone she would of chosen different, why would she see marrying him as a need, when they had already commited so deeply already.

Many peple now a days dont marry as they see having children or buying a house as a commitment aready, and they live happily that way and they just feel that a wedding i just a show and to prove they love each other but Bella might of felt they didnt need that to show themselves or any other that they loved each other and were dedicated to one another when they already so obviously were, and also maybe that as her parents marriage didnt last, she didnt see it as marriage last forever when her parents didnt, and what Bella and Edward had was so much more than that..

Hope this last bit made sense and i didnt go off topic too much :)

G xx
Also to add about Kristen method acting.. if you say something enough eventually you will believe it and her method definately works and that she has deep emotiions too.. I also wonder that if rumours were true that her and Rob are dating, her thinking about the real life if he was to say the same to her helped her with this

Thanks for the story as always

g xx

Dear Gemma, First I would like to congratulate you on the "Esme's decision" piece you wrote yesterday. Forcing us to actually put ourselves in Esme's mind, with all of the conflicting emotions was an excellent teaching technique.
Well done. Thank you.

From the first line of your post I thought that we were going to disagree. But we aren't they declared, in the meadow. And Edward Pledged himself forever in his. "You are my life now" declaration.

Bella had been in bed. Edward was in the rocking chair. She asks "Did I say anything in my sleep." He replies. "You said you loved me."

She responds by jumping out of bed throwing her self into his lap and saying "I LOVE YOU!"

And then he pledged himself to her.
So Edward is pledged to Bella BUT BELLA ISN'T PLEDGED to Edward.

As Darcy said, " I only await your response." But Bella doesn't respond.

In a wedding does the man or the woman say "I do" first?

Your observations about buying homes together. And having children. Takes the place of marriage in a modern world. Were the same as my last ones.

But that still leaves us with the question Edward was sealed to Bella by his pledge, but was Bella sealed to Edward ?

Thank you for your help, and for your work yesterday as well.

Your friend,
XX Bear.
Professor Buttons said to tell you that he enjoyed your story too.

Dear Reading Bear,
Tara is right, as usual. You have raised an interesting question today. I really hadn't thought about it before, and yet in the back of my mind, I had always considered Bella and Edward fully committed to each other very early in their relationship.

Carlyle certainly considered Edward and Bella bonded (for eternity) when he answered Rosalie's question "Why should we (the members of the Cullen "family") put ourselves at risk for her?" (a being which was realy nothing more than a lowly human girl - implied but not said )

Carlisle's direct response ended all debate: "Edward has CHOSEN her. She is one of us now!" (And being one of us, we all are willing to put our existence on the line to save hers ! - also implied but not said)

Alice expressed a similar belief from an opposite direction, when learning that her brother Edward had gone to Volturia. Alice knew that her going to attempt to save him would put at risk her very existance. And the fact that she would possably would never see her beloved Jasper again.

Her (human friend, Bella Swan ) has "apparently" been deserted, abandoned and misused by her brother. To aid in a rescue attempt of Edward runs a good chance that Bella will also sacrifice her life for nothing. But neither of them realy questions for a moment that Bella will put her life on the life as well. Because subconciously, at least, both know that Bella and Edward are one. (Which makes you wonder if EVERYONE in the know ever believed Edwards LIE had ever worked)

The philosopher Austen might argue:
Lets look at the most classic of classic commitment vows, and compare them to, what he would have argued, were Bella and Edward's commitment vows.

Joseph of Nazareth's family arranged for him to meet, and make a vow of engagement with Mary. (That was a totaly binding commitment, and it implied that they were all but husband and wife. And that they were only awaiting the formal cerimony of marriage to consumate their bond.)
When Mary becomes pregnant, out of wedlock, the accepted custom of the time, was for Joseph to publicly announce the fact. And then his fellow villagers would have to fufill their religious obligation, an stone Mary to death. Joseph's refusal to follow the accepted custom of the time, went on to have historic consequences.

Now Austin would argue that, that is how a formal vow (Joseph and Mary's mutual pledges of engagement) had permanently created a union.

But Austen would also argue that Edward's statement "You are my life now!" Was so powerful that it also created a union.

(Now this is pure R. Bear thought) IF!!!!! Bell reciprocated. But I feel Bella's statement the day before "I would rather die than not be with you!" was her reciprocation." And so as of that moment Bella and Edward had bound themselves to each other.

So I am in full agreement with Austin. That as of that moment the two were sealed together.

An interesting after thought. The "Victorian like" Edward very much wanted to "formaly seal" his eternal bond with Bella in a public ceremony of marriage. While the "arcane" ceremony originaly held little interest for a "Clintonian like" Bella.

Thank you for helping us better understand this interesting Saga point.
Doc B

This was the defining moment for Edward in his realization of who he is now. Bella has touched him in a way that there is no turning back. He can no longer exist without her-she has to be in his life for him to be whole. Naturally, should Bella choose to not reciprocate, he would never force her. But for Edward, life as he knows it is with Bella.
Yes and no... I mean we all say that when we are getting married and then later divorce but..... And this is a big but.... Edward being a Vampire sees things in a long span of time, like forever... LOL So this said he should be held to what he's said. Course people say things like this only to later not mean them so I guess we can't hold Edward to his words anymore then we can others. I've learned that I can't not expect my high standards of morals to be the same for others, ie Be a Man of your word. So Edward can say it and change his mind later...

Then there is this point. Edward said it but then seeing how Bella would never be safe as a human and he wouldn't change her either, it was best to leave her... That said He could still mean it but circumstances can change how you go about things. She could still be his whole world but not be with her.

Honestly to me if a man said that then he better be meaning it... But then again I do have that high standard of morals that says "Be a Man of Your Word." Considering the time Edward was born that was the MO of every Man so he should mean it....

Also where did you get the pics of Edwards and Bella's Wedding????
I feel that Edward and Bella were committed to each other after their first day they saw each other. To me their relationship is just like Jacob and the pack's relationships with their loves. I feel that Edward and Bella were always meant to be together and it did not matter what happened--they would always BELONG with each other. It's just like when they were close to each other while watching the movie in Biology class--they both felt the tingling, they both knew it was something...what if it was something just of an explanation of how they are together. They are binded forever and will always need each other to survive.

Look at it this way--Edward left after his first day around her. He claimed it was because he did not want to hurt his family by sucking her blood, but later he realized he was truly interested in her. There was a reason why her blood smelled that sweet to him, and why he always resisted when he wanted to kill her. He would have never had the power in him to ever ever hurt her because deep down in some unconscious area in his mind he knew he was meant to love her and protect her always.

Edward tried leaving, and tried doing so much to be away from her but he couldn't really survive without her. He really left her twice, first is the first time they met--and he had to go back because he was so interested in her. The second time was when he truly left her, but he was so dead when he was away from her and he was useless. He thought he was doing her a favor but in reality he was torturing them both.

As for Bella, she never really had to choose, and even the choice was there she just knew he was what she wanted. She never strayed away once she realized he was a Vampire, nor did she quit loving him when he left her. She had so many strong feelings for him, which rooted the day she saw him. She was attracted from the beginning--and I truly believe it was more than love at first sight...They had their own "IMPRINTING" that happened.

When Edward said "You were my life now" I believe that was him finally giving in to his feelings and he finally allowed himself to love Bella no matter what.
those were the word in the movie that really caught my attention. i wasn't really paying attention unti he said that and then my heart nearly stopped. lol

Dear Kadence,
Please forgive me for being tardy in responding to your post. Yes like you Edward's saying "You are my life now." Shocked You me and Bella. Thanks for sharing, Doc B


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