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Ok so, I've been in love with the silver turquoise cuff that Kristen wears as Bella in the movies. She's still wearing the same one in the NM movie posters I've seen. Anyway, I really want to buy a replica...I was just looking online to see what I could find but most of the replicas are a little too pricey. Does anyone know a good place to get one that is reasonably priced? Has anyone bought a replica? If so I would love to hear about it or see a pic. I've attached a couple pics of the bracelet I'm talking about. Thanks! = )

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I FOUND ONE! = ) Yesterday I was walking around New Hope PA, this old little tourist town right next to the Delaware River about 30 minutes from my house...I wasn't even looking for the bracelet, I had almost forgotten about it...we were getting ready to walk back to our car and we passed a little Native American shop, I decided to just stop in and see what it was like since we had some time left on the parking meter and there sitting right on the counter was a really pretty silver and turquoise cuff like the one I've been thinking of! It's so pretty, not exactly like Bella's but very close.


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