The Twilight Saga

why would anyone throw that away anyway
this girl was at this hotel were the girl who plays jessica was staying for another movie and she was waiting for her husband and she looked over and saw the new moon scrip in the trash
she didnt leak it though but she probaly read it
i would
so tell me wat you would do if you found it in the trash
would you read it or not
i no i would

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i don't kno, i wouldn't want to spoil it for myself but i would be curious, so i'm torn lol
i wouldnt read it then. i would bring it during the movie and say all the parts as the movie went!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would take a picture of it then post it on facebook twitter myspace youtube and on my blog.Revenge on Taylor lautner at last!Mwuhhahahhahahahaha

i would read it but then give it back. plus that might not show up in the movie they do lots of revisions
i wouldn't read it untill i've watched the movie.... s0 it wont spoil things for me
I wouldn't have read it..I wanted it to be a surprise.
I would!

I would read it because it would just get me to excited. I wouldnt want to wait.

I'd so read it!


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