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I'm just curious to know what everyone thinks about Summit putting Eclips out in June and not giving the actors any time to breathe. If you go to there is an interview with Rob and he didn't even know that Eclipse had a release date of June. He did however say that he knew he would be playing Edward "well into his 20s." I just wanted to know what you guys thought about them not giving a lot of time for error. I mean that is why Hardwicke didn't want to do New Moon because she didn't feel like she had enough time to do everything properly.

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I know this sounds selfish...but the sooner the movies get out the better! Lol!! JK No....,they should try to spread it out a little to give us fans something to look forward too in great lengths. I mean when it's all over I'm going to be so sad! I was sad when I finished the I can't imagine how I'll feel once the movies stop coming out and the DVD's are sitting on my shelf (which will probably be watched over and over...). I guess they do want to finish it up before there is a lot of age change with the actors.


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