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I'm just curious to know what everyone thinks about Summit putting Eclips out in June and not giving the actors any time to breathe. If you go to there is an interview with Rob and he didn't even know that Eclipse had a release date of June. He did however say that he knew he would be playing Edward "well into his 20s." I just wanted to know what you guys thought about them not giving a lot of time for error. I mean that is why Hardwicke didn't want to do New Moon because she didn't feel like she had enough time to do everything properly.

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I was wondering about this too. Are they trying to film all the movies before they age or something???
Yeah I think that is one of the reasons. I also think that they are trying to get everything out before the hype dies, which who knows when that will happen. They are also worried about competing with Harry Potter because I believe the two sagas share many fans.
yea i think they should give them some air to breathe!!!!
its not a good thing to over work an actor!!!!!
Yeah I was like that's really soon. Hopefully it won't do damage to the effects and stuff with it being so close. On the other hand I can see them wanting to do it so it doesn't look like they aged between movies.
I can know this sounds a little selfish and whatnot, but i don't care. I am glad eclipse is coming out so soon. i can't wait to see all the movies. i love reading books and then getting to see the movies to back up what i imagined while reading them. don't get me wrong though, i understand that there are a lot of problems that could go wrong with rushing, like the actors getting burnt out and the effects not being that great. we will have to see what it is like when we see it...
no i completely agree. i am super selfish because i want them to come out so fast, but i just don't want to get my hopes up and then have them shot down by a terribly made movie. i also read that they are changing the director....which terrifies me. that will be a third director who could or could not ruin it.
i agree i want to see all the movies and i am glad there coming out fast not to be selfish lol
This is my hunch also. The director has to stay with what's being released soon to finish up post production; however, the actors can keep going and going, but will need a director.
What about Breaking Dawn? Has there been anything said about that recently???
I haven't heard anything about Breaking Dawn. It just irritates me that they will be getting a third director. I don't know if I will be happy with Chris Weitz over Catherine Hardwicke, so I can't say if I'd be okay with Hardwicke coming back.
wow realyy? so soon . i guess they shoud give the actors some time but dont forget edward is supossed to look the same in all the books so maybe thats y there doing it?
i agree with everyone
i hope it comes out soon but i dont want it to be bad or anything
they are probably doing for their age or before twilight isnt that big anymore(which probably wont happen for a very long tome)


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