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Well i just noticed that Twilight--the movie--is A lot different than the book. New Moon is Different than the book.. Eclipse is Similar to the book.. So Maybe Breaking Dawn will be the best and closest to the book?
Also, That the Quality of the movies just keep getting better.. Like Twilight-- the movie it was great.. Until i was New moon and Eclipse and compared them.. Same with New Moon, I compared it to Eclipse and i found it better to.
This is what i personally feel. If you have nothing nice to say, dont say it at all.
This is for the people who feel the same way.

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Yes, the movies - books do differ. I think that's what adds to the phenomena of 'Twilight' they're similar but quite different enough to be there own things. Some people prefer the movies while others the books, there's a lilttle something for everyone to enjoy. It's fun!
I agree...I think Breaking Dawn will be the most similar to the actual book.....Stephenie Meyer is supposed to be the producer for these films (they are putting it into two)....Besides that due to having to tie up the loose ends and how much detail CAN'T be left out du to certain other events....they kinda go moreso..."by the book"
oh goood, im so happy (: i really hope breakingdawn is good or at least better then the others, but eclispe was good
I agree with you!! It's not just the movies themselves it's the acting too. The cast is much more relaxed and comfortable in their roles. They have all grown as actors since the beginning. I think that since they will be splitting BD into two movies it will be better than the rest. They will be able to cut less out of it. I'm just wondering at what part they will stop the first one.

The Twilight was different but kept the spirit, mood and magic of book.

New Moon in the middle part was close to book but finally lost the main point: Edwards and Bellas inability  to be separate.

Eclipse changed the characters and their motivations.



It seems so far that they will change the Breaking Dawn a lot. They said it in interviews that second film will be more about Jacob and Nessie. Of course, it was some time ago before script was done so maybe now they changed the conception.

I do feel that the movie's got better as they went on. I do still love the first but it was a little weak.


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