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Courtesy of - new pix straight from the set of New Moon today.
Hubba hubba he's been working out!

More pix and the full article at:
More pix at:

I don't know how everyone else feels, but I'm quite upset that someone has leaked those particular scenes. (Sorry - if it wasn't me someone else would've posted it.) I suppose it was naive to think we'd see nothing of the really important stuff till the movie comes out.

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Ok the first thing I thought was, wow!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I am seriously gonna sit here and have a Heart attack!!!!!!!!
yea, i know the first thing i did was gasp and say OMG!!! It made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He lloks better than he did in Twilight, the workouts definatly helped! OMG>OMG> I CANT WAIT FOR NOVEMBER!!!
wats with the dots on him???? Edward didnt have those in the book.
They're for CGI purposes I think, so that they can make him sparkle :D
I agree twilight the movie did not do the book justice there was so much that was lacking. I hope new moon takes it to the other level. It is the pivitol book that really sets up the last two books.
i'm guna cry when he leaves in the movie!
i personally loved that sceen in the movie. it was really well done - for being shortened and all. @ first i thought i was going to hate it because they are suppose to wait until they get back to bella's house in order to talk things over - but i was wrong, as i allready stated, i <3 it. :)


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