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Hi, so they have just confirmed Dakota Fanning for Jane but I was wondering who you thought should play her.. i think that Dakota would do a good job.. maybe.. but I also thought India Eisley from Secret Life.. Dakota is just too famous and most of the actors are unknown.. anyways here's some pictures of her..

** Since she cant play Jane I think she should play one of the volturi.. thats exactly how I pictured them.. but im pretty sure they already found who they are going to use ):

What do you think ? And if not her than who ?

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She certainly has an angelic face! How bout Renata?? Aro shield?? Dakota will be good for Jane as she has a little bit of an evil look about her!!! This girl would have been a good Jane as well!
I wasnt even thinking of Renata yet since were only on new moon... but Renata seems to fit her even better.. i totally agree (:
She does look like she would have made a good Jane because she does have an innocent face.
i agreee she does look good. but ive already got dakota in my head for jane so seeing anyone else would dissapoint me.
but yeah first person i thought of was renata too.
shes very pretty and would make a good looking vamp
dakota Fanning looks the part better than her! and Dakota is a WAY better actress!!!
India doesnt suit the part as jane, as many would probably agree. Am i right? far enough she looks angelic but doesnt look the part of jane...
she probably is good at acting too but mabe this isnt the sort of film she should be in... i dont know...
it's a bit late even if they did change there mind on who plays jane...

dont take what i just said as mean... im just having a grumble... :-)


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