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I have to say that I did like New Moon much better than Twilight the acting was better the story was closer to the book but I hate how they did not put the chapter: The Truth the way it was in the book because it showed Edwards sweet loving side, him really trying to convince that he wasnt a dream and how he stated he would spend the rest of eternity making it up to her. I still think that in new moon he isnt as tender and sweet as he is in the books... But I did love the movie...

What is your take?

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I think it had to come off that way because it is a movie and for others (who didn't read the books) to understand and gain interest. I absolutely love New Moon! I loved the effects... Much better than Twilight... You can tell they were better prepared and had a little bit more money. Can't w8 4 JUNE 10....Eclispe!
I really enjoyed New Moon, It was better then Twilight, but there were a few things that should have been in the movie, but the best thing was Taylor's portraying Jacob, OMG, he is Jacob. I couldn't picture him when I read the books, I only could picture Edward, but Taylor did such a good job that I actually know that he is Jacob.
new moon wars really great. i can't wait to have it on dvd. i was hoping that they would do a better job on chapter 23 the truth
but the movie was really good. even though there wasn't an action sequence in volterra in the book, i think it was great that they put one in the movie. th book shouldn't have an action scene there, but it fit the movie perfectly.


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