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Oi I know Edward isn't suppose to be in this movie a whole lot.
But I'd be eternally greatfull if they can gracefully insert him here and there.
I got nothing against jake and all but come on now...I don't want Bella with a dog!
I want her with the vampire :D! teehee

And the volturis gRrrRr...hate them with a passion.
Who ever plays them Is dead to mee :D!

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I argee! u r so right! my best friend thinks jacob is better but i dont think so! (i hate the volturi to)!!!!!!!!!! :D!
i hate her SOO MUCH too!!!!! and all she wants is to get her dirty little hands all over rob pattinson!!! ughh i cant STAND her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am glad that someone besides me is against dakota fanning. i have never liked her. i don't think a big name actress should be in any of the twilight saga movies. there weren't any in the first movie and look how well it did. there is just something about her that really annoys me. i don't like her one bit!!
I don't really like Jacob! Every time a reed New Moon I hate the part when Bella becomes friend with Jacob. I don't like him at all. I don't like the Volturi very much either!
i always skip over pages 93-424 in new moon... all the jacob parts and most of when edward is gone. i hate those me they don't exist :)
I think that flashbacks, of Edward would be the perfect way to get him in the movie more. But my biggest dear is that they are going to steer away from the book too much, Like they did with Twilight. I am praying that they will try to follow it a little more closely this time. I honestly don't know how Stephanie Meyer pitch a fit when she read the screen play the first time. I would have burned it and told them to try again. Don't get me wrong, I still loved it, but I had a hard time following it because I knew how it SHOULD go. It was like they took the story line and jumbled it up and tried to make it work. In the process missing some of the more hilarious scenes.

Cast Wise though, I think Dakota Fanning would make a perfect Jane... but who would they get to play Alec?ANd I hate to say this, but I think the chick from High School Musical is just too pretty to play Leah.
Ahahahha. So true if they but her in this movie i won't go.I already CAN'T STAND JACOB if they but her in i'll just except her to break into a song as you said. But the funny part is the screen writer said she has no plans for Vanessa being in the movie unless shes writting her own script and telling everyone hes Leah because Leah's not even in this movie.So don't worry XD
Yea... I know everyone really wants to see a lot Edward in the new movie (come on he is beautiful!). I think its more important though to keep it to the book, they shouldnt just make up parts for him to be the movie to get more girls to go se it. Jacob is awesome in his own way. Bella really did need him in her life, and his role was critical in "New Moon". The majority of the book is about establishing the type of relationship Bella and Jacob have so we can understand all the rest. I am glad they kept Taylor. He has the personality!

Dakota would be interesting, but I always pictured Jane to be older. Dakota looks to young for me, but she is a great actress.

and I would say a big HECK NO to Vanessa Hudgens. She looks like the girl who gets all the guys... and kind of superfical. She fits the cute girl look. I think I would have to see her play some different roles before I could handle her in the movie.

What do you guys think?

Has anyone else heard of any new cast members??
where did you read that... i wanna read it.
I love New moon!
It kept me on edge.
I think it will be good no matter what & Im sure that they will put Edawrd in it alot, knowing hes
what alot of people want to see.
I love Jacobs character & cant wait to see him in part two.
I love them all!!
i'm totally agreed!! but i'm more anxious to see the vulturis represented, to see if they are so scary!!!....
Although I would love to see more of Edward in this movie it wouldnt get the depth of her depression across, also her relationship with Jacob. Yes she uses him but heck she needed something.


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