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Hi. I've been trying to find all the songs that are in the official soundtrack, but I can't seem to find them all. So here's the list of what I have so far by song title and where did I find them.

Full Moon - bella leaving Arizona and arrives to Forks
Eyes on fire - When she remember his eyes..
Spotlight - Edward and Bella arrive to school in the car
Bella's Lullaby - edward plays the song for her in the piano
Supermassive hole - The Cullens playing baseball
Let me sign - Bella dying in the studio's floor after being bitten by James
Go all the way (into the twilight) - Arriving to prom, scene shows bella's friends
Flightless bird - Last scene in prom when they're dancing all alone

That's all I've got. now the ones missing are: Tremble for my beloved
Leave out all the rest
I caught myself
Never think

Hope you can help me.


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Never think plays when Bella and Edward are in the diner.
You can hear it on the background.
But the rest I don't know ether,, but I think they don't play Decode in the movie just at the credit titles(-> I hope its correct I don't really know the right word in English)

Grtz Eva xxx
Hope I've helped you.
I caught myself is when bella is with angela and jessica shopping in the dress store and tremble for my beloved is when bella is goin to school and she like i planed to confront him but he never showed and leave out all the rest wasnt in the movie i hoped i helped you;)
"Tremble for my beloved" is actually right after the car accident when Edward looks at her then jumps out of the way.
"Decode" I tried to find...but try to look it up on youtube.
"Leave out all the rest" is simply during the credits at the end...almost positive.
"I caught myself" yeah, its when Angela, Jessica, and Bella are in the dress shop.
"Never Think" is during the diner.

Hope that helps!
Thank you all!!!!!
I love Let Me Sign. I just wish it was on the soudtrack. Thank God K Stew and Catherine convinced Rob to put it and Never Think in the movie. I just wish he would make a CD.


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