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Okay this question just came back to me the other day.. because when my friend was watching Twilight a while ago, there is something in the movie that doesnt make any sense - well to us it didn't. When Bella and Edward are in the green house for Biology and Edward comes up to Bella and says "whats in ____" (oh gawd i cant remember now.) but anyways then bella says later. "Floridians. Thats whats in____" Sorry I can't remember the place that Edward says.. I havent watched the movie in forever. But maybe someone will know what I mean. Thanks.

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Edward asks what's in Jacksonville and bella said Floridians. she said this because Jacksonville is in Florida. hope this is what you were looking for.
is floridians an american nickname for people that live in florida?? if thats the case... why the hell was that is the script. shouldn't it have gone like this:
E "What's in jacksonville?"
B "how did you know about that?"
E "uh er.. You didnt answer my question."
B "Well you don't answer any of mine so.."
(blah blah blah)
B "MUM, she lives in jacksonville."

haha sorry, i really dont get it either.
Yes, Edward asks whats in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is in Flordia so Bella gives an obvious answer. Floridians.
Glad you asked.. bcuz for the longest I ddnt know and I just fig it out now..

He asks about Jacksonville and Bella answers Floridians becuase that is what people who live there are called.


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