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My best friend asked if she could borrow my Twilight books and my heart started to pound and I couldn't even speak!!! I kept trying to run through excuses in my head because I couldn't bring myself to try and explain just HOW obsessed I am. I just kept thinking "what if I need them, what if she doesn't give them back right away .... how will I survive if I need to read them AGAIN!"

I was also over at my brother's house last weekend and my sister-in-law said she wanted to read Twilight. Well of course my mother volunteered MY books. I could have jumped across the table and strangled her... I just blurted out some stupid sounding excuse like my husband was thinking of reading it or something .... (Like I would ever let even HIM read MY books!)

The thought of having my Twilight books out of my posession makes me totally anxious ... there is totally something wrong with me. I think I've been reading one of them continually since I first started reading them on February 11th ... I've read the saga 5 times now ... help I have a problem

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no i dont let my twilight stuff out of my site lol, im very possessive over my goodies. my son just tells his friends id rather fight a crocodile than ask my mum for her twilight to leave the house lol.
Nope you are just addicted like the rest of us im very possesive of my books my daughter and i each have our own and i bought her own dvd too.And she is the same way i feel bad for her though she is overseas on a study abroad and we call each other daily so i can update her on all the latest twilight news.Especially Rob news LOL.
Thank goodness! I am going to buy a new Twilight since mine got a bit water damaged in my backpack on the way to work when my water bottle opened ... the horror! So I might be willing to let her borrow the ruined one ... I've actually thought of having a second set for work!

I was tellling my husband about it last night and we said "but I can borrow them right?" I said, "are you kidding, you read way too slow!" lol
That is hilarious!!! I SO did the same thing. They have to fill out a application, ha-ha!!!
Ooohhhh, sorry, you don't qualify. :\

I didn't think there were other people that have the same issues. Oh yippy, I'm not the
only freak! :) BIG smile!

I was just joking about the application.:)
Nope. I don't lend out mine, either. **GRRRR* They're mine!! Get your own!
I guess that's good for Stephanie! She's making a killing because we won't share! :)
Really, people who want to BORROW books should go get a library card, don't you think ...

I can barely stand to be away from them never mind in someone else's posession, lol!

Thanks for making me feel like less of a freak ..

BTW I DID go and buy a new Twilight because I just needed to replace the damaged one and when I went to get the DVD at Costco they had them all in hardcover.
OMG, this is so hilarious-- my husband said after watching the movie last night, that he was thinking about reading the books now... so I told him to let me know so I could reserve a copy from the library for him to read b/c he wasn't touching mine!!!

He looked at me like I was crazy (which, maybe I am), but I told him that he likes to bend the pages to mark his place and things like that and there was NO WAY I was going to let him treat my babies like that. Then he REALLY looked at me like I was crazy and I said, don't worry, I won't make you wait for the library copies, I'll just buy you your own paperbacks... ;-) He really thinks I'm joking, but I'm not!
That is too funny! My husband found out that I bought a new Twilight book this morning and he was a little irritated .... He thinks I am clearly insane.
No, you aren't the only one!!!! I was just saying how my best friend was talking about buying a copy of twilight since i talk about it so much she wants to read it now and i said ya know if i wasn't so obsessed i would offer to let her borrow mine, but i am that obsessed that i won't let anyone read mine, not even my daughter, i bought her, her own copy. Also, my mom asked to borrow my DVD, I said NO!!!!!!!!! LOL...........It's mine, all mine and no one else can touch it!!!!!!
OK, you all have me ROFL! LMAO! Since joining this site i've actually mastered the art of laughin hysterically & shaking while making the least amount of noise possible for a human. These posts are just so much my own thoughts as well. I also have a bit of an issue with loaning out my books. The neighbor girl is borrowing eclipse now and i thought that would be ok since i can just walk to her house and demand the book back, then i found out she was reading it at school too so now i'm afraid again. A lady at work has them sitting on her desk and i worry about HER copies! No, i'm through loaning them out as well. my mom wants to read them to see what all the fuss is about and i just said "you'll have to wait until i get over them because i keep re-reading them"..."And, it will be a while!". I take the copy i'm reading with me everywhere, and if i'm near the end i take the next book with me too. WOW, i'm so glad i can confess to all of you - you won't think i need to be committed!
So we have to go stay in a hotel today for 9 days since we are having our floors refinished as they were damaged when we were on summer holidays. I've decided to take all of the books with me ... just in case ... For one I may want to read them and for two I just can't leave my babies alone in the house with all of those construction people. Someone is going to have to buy me a straight jacket .. lol. Of course I'm taking the dvd with me too.

I bought the movie companion yesterday too and my husband got a sticky print on the cover, for sure he can't borrow my books now.


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