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My best friend asked if she could borrow my Twilight books and my heart started to pound and I couldn't even speak!!! I kept trying to run through excuses in my head because I couldn't bring myself to try and explain just HOW obsessed I am. I just kept thinking "what if I need them, what if she doesn't give them back right away .... how will I survive if I need to read them AGAIN!"

I was also over at my brother's house last weekend and my sister-in-law said she wanted to read Twilight. Well of course my mother volunteered MY books. I could have jumped across the table and strangled her... I just blurted out some stupid sounding excuse like my husband was thinking of reading it or something .... (Like I would ever let even HIM read MY books!)

The thought of having my Twilight books out of my posession makes me totally anxious ... there is totally something wrong with me. I think I've been reading one of them continually since I first started reading them on February 11th ... I've read the saga 5 times now ... help I have a problem

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I've had those "preserve at all costs" moments too. Although I want more people to read these books, I can't loan out my copies! I bought the whole collection for my best friend for her birthday and luckily my daughter's birthday is soon too because I'll be sending her the saga too! Boy, this is gettting expensive! But I can't just get them Twilight, because I know how they'll feel when they don't have the second one right away....CRAZY. So I bought the saga and I wouldn't get any of my loved ones hooked without providing all of the supply. I am a responsible Twihard addict:)
I have lent them out in the past, but was uncomfortable about it. There is a girl at work that I keep telling her she needs to read them, but I flat out told her I wouldn't lend her my books because I couldn't stand to have them out of my possession. Besides, who wouldn't want to own their own set, they will want to read them again!!!
Won't EVER lend them out-I can't afford to check on someone daily, or to buy a new set everytime. My daughter better not even think about it.....
Ok I added my comment here earlier about how I WILL NOT share my books with anyone not even my daughter and how my mom wanted to borrow my DVD and I said NO. Well today I went to target and bought another copy of the DVD since they have a third disc with more extras on it. Well my daughter said that since I have 2 copies now, she can have one.............NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, I just cant do I have 2 and they are still ALL MINE!!!!!! How did I become so obsessed??????????


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