The Twilight Saga

I know about Midnight Sun as the companion book to Twilight; however, I was wondering if anyone knows if Stephenie Myers has plans to continue the Saga???

I mean, to me the story possibilities seem, Bella's parents, Jacob and Reneseme, more crazy vampires.....

What is the word on the possibility of more books? Is it over or is there more to come???

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I have a pre-oder in for a book actually called The Twilght Saga on Amazon (the one with puzzle pieces) that goes into detailed background of characters but I am sure everyone already knows that! I have a gut feeling it is over but I hope not!
Have you read the extras and out takes on SM's website? Nothing continuing the saga, but still great reads.
I truly hope she re-does the whole saga in Edward's POV, at least. I would soooo love to get into his head more.

I would love to also know more about Alice. Her background, etc. I just adore Alice!

I would be curious to see what comes of Jacob and Reneseme. However, that is not as high on my list.
I was thinking the same thing about Edward's POV!

I also adore Alice...she was just a precious character. I loved her pitching in the movie. I think the baseball scene in the movie was my favorite scene.

I was hoping someone on here had read somewhere that Stephenie Meyer has plans of writing me, she left it open to write more.
I agree with you 100%
My husband loves the effects of Fanfiction.. It gets me super horny, and it gets him super dirty.
I wish my husband felt the same way!! I sometimes feel like I need to hide my obsession from him. I've tried explaining it to him, but when he watched the movie with me he just rolled his eyes.
At least you got your husband to watch the movie, I can't. He wont even read the books...I begged, I pleaded, he just won't do it...But he does like the fact I get turned on by the
Perhaps your husband and mine are twins separated at birth LOL... My husband had the EXACT reaction!
As far as I know, she stopped writing Midnight Sun when the draft was leaked on the internet. She later said she would eventually finish writing it but there is not a set date. Personally, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT BOOK and any other she may want to write to continue the SAGA. I totally agree... the possiblities are endless.


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