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I know a lot of people have preordered their DVDs from various places, but I'm wondering if anyone is planning on braving the Target stores to get theirs? I preordered my BluRay from Best Buy, but then Target came out with their DVD package and I like it *soooo* much better b/c it'll have the Edward piano concert so now I'm planning on getting it from there instead.

Only, I'm going to have to wake up early and am unsure what the lines'll be like when I get there, and I will HATE it if I don't walk away with a video!! I can't believe I'm actually stressing about this.

Is anyone else braving the unknown at Target???

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I'm actually going tonight, just to make sure I know when they are opening. I don't know if it'll be a madhouse or not, but I'll be there when the doors open regardless. I will also probably go to Walmart Friday night to buy another copy, since I can get it at midnight. I have preordered the BluRay on Amazon, even though I don't have a Bluray player yet.
OMGosh, I've thought the same thing! I just have this feeling that I'm going to be in a line with a bunch of parents who were sent out for their teeny-bopper kids. If it's the kids, I don't care--my elbows are prepped.

I spoke with someone who works in the Electronics section of Target (and who told me she is a huge Twilight fan too) and she said that they ordered a TON of movies-- like 100 of the regular videos and 60 or so of the BluRays. She said they would also have them in a special "Twilight" section and ALSO would have some in the book section, near the books.

So... if you see the numbers dwindling, you may want to check the book section too!
Walmart also has a two disk the web site says its available for 17.97 I believe.
Im not going to target LuvTopazEyes because it is too far but i did pre order it from there and amazon and cosco dear lord!!! but i would like to ask a question for all of us that did pre order when do you think we will get them friday or sat?? because unless ups or fed ex decides to be nice i wont see mine till monday and i will go nuts having to wait they delivered harry potter books ups one sat ugh i wish i knew for sure.
What kind of shipping did you get, Erin? I guess it would depend on that. Target's website says that they're shipping them out on the 21st, which I think STINKS!! They should have it arrive that day if people order 1-day shipping, IMO. That was the nice thing about Best Buy-- you could preorder it and pick it up in the store on Sat, but I HAVE to have that piano concert. ;0
I don't even have a Target on this darn island........


will have to brave the crowd at walmart.
Check with your local Targets, Walmarts, or any other departments stores, because alot of them are having Midnight releases. So you may want to check on that.
Oh no not parties. Walmart isnt having a party, but they are having a midnight release of the movie, they start selling it @ 12:01 am. Blockbuster closes @ 11 but they are opening @ midnight to release the movie. Certain places are just staying open because there is such a demand for it.
I told them to ship mine out next day LuvTopazEyes which probably means UPS overnight but can't imagine them delivering them on sat especially where i live but other people i know said UPS was going to make deliverys for the movies sat.Like they did when the HP books came out they brought my book on a sat but who knows.
acticually if you go to walmart, ALL walmarts wil start selling twilight at 12:01 am on saturday morning so go friday night... i will be there... hope i get 1
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I checked the Walmart and they have a single DVD for $17 and a two set DVD for $25


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