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I know a lot of people have preordered their DVDs from various places, but I'm wondering if anyone is planning on braving the Target stores to get theirs? I preordered my BluRay from Best Buy, but then Target came out with their DVD package and I like it *soooo* much better b/c it'll have the Edward piano concert so now I'm planning on getting it from there instead.

Only, I'm going to have to wake up early and am unsure what the lines'll be like when I get there, and I will HATE it if I don't walk away with a video!! I can't believe I'm actually stressing about this.

Is anyone else braving the unknown at Target???

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LOL LuvTpoazEyes that is so funny hey though it's a good idea ask them.Hey LTE my movie has been shipped so i might get it today YAY!YAY!YAY!
That's really great, Erin-- I'm so happy you'll have it for the weekend!!! :)

ps-- Try not to tackle the poor delivery guy when you see him-LOL! ;)
It is so funny-I asked my dad to pick up a bootleg of the movie in Times Square, which he did. I have watched that disc almost everyday until yesterday.

Target was not bad on Saturday morning. It started out as about six people in front, then twenty by the time that the gate opened. No young ones-just the fathers and mothers, and other 30+s. It was funny, because the clerks by the electronics were looking at us like we were weirdos. It was interesting to hear them talk amongst one another, explaining the movie's premise. ( I really can't imagine that people still do not know about the movie, or know what it is about-still?)
One of the clerks moved real slow towards the crowd to get his own copy. I hope he enjoyed it....


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