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So after watching and listening to the Twilight DVD I was wondering if everyone one was laughing through that hilarious audio commentary? I know I was. I think Rob is a gem he makes fun of himself and the character he plays while getting some jabs from his costar Kristen and his Director Catherine. I only hope they have him do it for the next one too! So tell me your thoughts!

I am going to add my specific moments too, just want to get the ball rolling!

I love Bouffants and I will be thinking of Rob everytime I hear the song "Bump and Grind"!

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I loved it too! They all seem to be so self-deprecating; I thought it was refreshing to hear them make fun of themselves.

I think my favorite lines would all be related to RP making fun of having to pluck his eyebrows. What did he say--"never trust a guy who plucks his eyebrows?" or something like that. LOVED that!!
LOL TCS by the way hi!!!! im erin #1 here because there is another one here and it is too confusing.Anyhoo yes i was crying lauhing at that comment too poor rob im hoping they wont make his hair to pouffie in NM. And the song too funny LOL.
Okay, where is the audio commentary...I don't think I have that on my dvd???
Please let me know which video this is on ( I bought the Target 3 disk edition) sounds like a great time! lol
I got the 2 disk set-what was on the 3rd disk???
no, it is on the same disk as the move... disk one... go to special features and you will see audio commentary... turn it on, then play the movie.
On the third disk is the Vampire Kiss Montage, Sexy, especially Dr feelgood Carlisle, also about the music, a piano concert by Rob, becoming Edward, becoming Bella, and an interview with Stephenie Meyer, I thinkI am missing something!
You must!
It is on the main DVD go into special features and there is a list of choices select on for audio commentary and then play movie.
Yes I actually watched the movie, then turned around and watched the deleted scenes then turned around and watched the movie with the commentary. I giggled so much and was glad I was at home by myself. RP definitely had me laughing a lot! Catherine seemed to fill the void of most of the movie so when Rob chimed in I was all ears. I too loved the whole plucked eyebrows comments he kept making and the red lipstick comment. Also wehn they were commenting on the apple falling and him catching it. Rob must have paid more attention to the background characters because he was talking about the guy with the colar too!
I will get back to you on that. Going to watch it now, with the audio commentary.
Yea I thought it was pretty RP is hilarious.


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