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So after watching and listening to the Twilight DVD I was wondering if everyone one was laughing through that hilarious audio commentary? I know I was. I think Rob is a gem he makes fun of himself and the character he plays while getting some jabs from his costar Kristen and his Director Catherine. I only hope they have him do it for the next one too! So tell me your thoughts!

I am going to add my specific moments too, just want to get the ball rolling!

I love Bouffants and I will be thinking of Rob everytime I hear the song "Bump and Grind"!

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I love how he keeps poking fun at his eyebrows. That is hilarious.
I love that we get to see the behind the scenes of these actors/actresses. It really makes them look normal to the teens and that's great to me. When my kids reach these ages.... I hope they love the Twilight saga as much as I do!!! It's nice that they share these moments with the fans!! And Rob himself seems like the he doesn't take his fame to his head!!! He seems very comedic even as you said to poke fun at himself...and I think that is a great attribute he shares with others around him. He seems like a very fun guy to be around!!!
I agree Kimberly. I think he has a very good since of humor and I bet he would be a blast to hang with.
On the third disk is the Vampire Kiss Montage, Sexy, especially Dr feelgood Carlisle, also about the music, a piano concert by Rob, becoming Edward, becoming Bella, and an interview with Stephenie Meyer, I thinkI am missing something!

I loved Rob at the end on the credits when he pretended to be Catherine Hardwicke and said "I hope you thought this was wild in his best impression of Catherine, every time I think about it I giggle or laugh, he is just so cute and funny.
I know. neither do it.. I am going to Target next week to go get it. Then I can download the movie to my Ipod.. now that I have one that I can put he movie on....
Totally what I did, I got twilight two disc for my birthday, but when I read in The Film Fantsay Twilight edition all the thingfs that were missing from the two disc I had to go get the three disc, so now I have a back up disc is how I see it!
IM just afraid of what my husband is going to say when I come home with another Twilight Movie.. Hes already tired of the one we got.. I have watched it so much Hes reciting the
There were so many funny parts from Rob but I have to say my favorite, or the part I laughed the most at, was the one in Port Angeles when they are in the car leaving the guys, supposed to be angry & going really fast & Rob says "I love how I'm going like 2 mph" & when u look out the window they are barely moving...lmao....I had never noticed it before as many times as I've watched it...I know someone already mentioned this part but I thought it was worth mentioning again, so funny!
I think that even Rob and Maybe Kristin new they themselves could have made the movie better, but hey they are only actors and have to follow the directors. I loved Twilight AND DON'T PICK AT IT BECAUSE I LIKED IT JUST SEEING BELLA AND EDWARD ON SCREEN, ButI a hoping Chris Weitz makes New Moon better.
ooo i will have to look at that again!
FYI - if you listen to "imprint", the twilight podcast, they just came out with their own commentary. You listen to the podcast while watching the movie. i haven't had a chance yet, but i'm looking forward to it!


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