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So after watching and listening to the Twilight DVD I was wondering if everyone one was laughing through that hilarious audio commentary? I know I was. I think Rob is a gem he makes fun of himself and the character he plays while getting some jabs from his costar Kristen and his Director Catherine. I only hope they have him do it for the next one too! So tell me your thoughts!

I am going to add my specific moments too, just want to get the ball rolling!

I love Bouffants and I will be thinking of Rob everytime I hear the song "Bump and Grind"!

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I usually don't listen to the commentary, but after reading everyone rave about it I did. I really enjoyed it. Laughed a lot! It is cool to know what they are thinking when they are shooting a scene.
Fun how they pointed things out that you wouldn't have noticed.
If you haven't watched it with the commentary, you are missing out!
I loved it, not only is he musical and sexy as .......he is funny and smart.......GASP!
It's refreshing to get the stars of a movie to do the actual commentary. I know Rob and Kristen had a hard time watching themselves...I loved it when Catherine pointed out the scene where Rob had actually left the theater (and his mom) because he was so embarassed..but I, too, hope they do commentaries for the remaining films along with Taylor.
The whole entire with Rob talking was just hilarious. Its really difficult to watch Twilight with out the audio commentary. I don't think I haven't even watched Twilight without it since I bought the DVD. One of my many faves is when he says " I don't get it" Director says along the lines of "Just stand there and look pretty." Rob " just do what your told to do and say your lines. Or the other way around.
I also got a big kick out of the audio commentary, tell all my peeps to check it out. I think listening to it reveals how really "young" these actors are. But I loved it just the same.
Hehe, that eyebrows part was too funny! I also loved the part where Edward asks Bella "Ask me the most basic question, what do we eat?" then Rob yells out "Cheeseburgers"
I loved the audio commentary. There was just one part that made me think did she read the book at all. Im talking about KH. The comment she made about Laurents red eyes being that color because he was hungry. Did I miss understand her. I mean that is the key diffrence between a vampire who drinks human blood and a "vegetarian".
lol i loved the commentary twilight dvd too! it was hilarious!
i loved the part when rob goes on about his eyebrows being perfect (much to his annoyance) and his custom made P coat! lol i thought the part when Catherine talks about her grandmother liking edward because of his good manners, even tho hes a vampire, was funny too. Hope they do it for new moon but have jacob in it
It really hits home how young they are...especially when Rob giggles like a little girl. I've heard it so much that when the movie is playing I know what the commentary was a the time. Makes me watch eyebrows a lot!

Knowing that the Ballet was the first scene explains why they all seem a little flat considering all the emotional trama everyone had just been experiencing.

I really like the way the words to the music in the background enhances the visuals we are seeing. Catherine should be given a lot of credit for trying to hold the romance part in the movie.

Watching the behind the scene shots proved that most of the strange looking stuff came from the camera they used and the added special effects. You can see side by side comparisons when the camera screen in in view. Everything looks better in the camera they are filming the behind the scenes shots with!

And will ILM please STOP adding RED/ORANGE to hair. They simply ruined Obiwan when they colored his hair post production. It nevers looks natural, it looks like bad photo shop.


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