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It looks like the Twilight vampire known as Victoria is getting some new fangs. Sources at Summit Entertainment say actress Bryce Dallas Howard (Terminator Salvation, Spider-Man 3, The Village) will be stepping in to replace Rachelle Lefevre, who is stepping aside due to scheduling conflicts. Lefevre originated the role of Victoria in the first film, and will be seen in the sequel, New Moon. Howard will play the part for the third installment, Eclipse. That movie is set to be directed by David Slade from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg, and is expected to be released theatrically in the U.S. and Canada on June 30, 2010.

What does everyone think about this??? Do you think it's really scheduling conflicts?? I mean, COME ON, there's no bigger gig out there than this series...And if this was a David Slade decision, I'm not sure I'm liking him so much...

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She is doing another movie. The 10 days that she is filming that other movie was going to conflict with Eclipse shooting. I get some people being upset by this...I mean she does have that kick ass look about her, but I am sure David Slade knows what he is doing in his selection of Bryce Dallas Howard. Come on kids it's not like they replaced Rob or Kristen.
i read summits response and i believe them completely . In her response she said she couldnt believe they couldnt accomidate 10 tens well that was enough for me. NO they can't accomidate 10 days woman what is wrong with you. She knew that filming began in August. The way i seen her response was that she knew eclipse revolves around Victoria and that they WOULD accomidate her because they NEED her and that just isnt true. Anyone is replacable. By her saying that that is her saying well EVERYONE (all the other actors the director the post production (of which will take some time with all the special effects necessary in this movie) Absolutely everyone) is to stop and by everyone i mean the fans as well that are expecting a summer release because that ten days is going to put them ten days behind in release too. Well miss thing you just learned a valuable lesson about the world. IT CANT STOP FOR YOU. I say good riddens Rachelle.
Here Here!!!!
I agree with you. Like everyone here, I know we'd all like continuity and the same actors, and I think Rachelle has done a great job as Victoria. But think about it. As Summit's response states, there's a lot of actors involved here and Victoria is such an integral part of the story that for Rachelle to not be able to be there for ten days might really screw things up. I know it seems like a short time in the grand scheme of things considering the shooting time is 3 months long, but none of us here are directors or producers or know that much about making a major motion picture. But we're all smart enough to know that considering the nature of vampires and the fact they aren't supposed to age, they've got a small window here in which to make these movies. I don't think Summit is trying to screw the fans over by doing this. IMO, they're trying to give us Eclipse when we are expecting it.

Furthermore, they had to replace Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies because the original actor passed away. Yes, I know that's a completely different ballgame, but it has worked and I think Bryce Dallas Howard will do a good job.
thank you. Anyone seeing this logically is A's in my book:-)
did anyone just see the news on this on MSN??? She was not aware they were not going to have her continue??? Someone on here sent out a email to bring her back as Victoria. Could you please re- email it to me I think I accidently deleted it and I want them to KEEP EVERYONE THE SAME----- You can't chg charcters after 2 movies have already been made.. HELLO David Not sure your the best one for Eclispe if your already making cast changes....
Although i like rachel and she was good as Victoria (for the whole 2 scenes that she was in) in Twilight, my personal opinion is that it is not that big a deal that the role has been re-cast! I may feel different after New Moon, I think she has been given a bigger role than that of the book!
I think that bryce will do a good job as Victoria and as the decision has been made, we as Twilight fans we should welcome her to the family then she will be motivated to do the best possible job she can to keep us happy! The last thing anybody wants is a hoard of twilight fans gunning for them!!!
I wish rachel good luck for the future and hope that she has done the right thing for her career, only time will tell!!


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