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So I have been bugged about the whole Edward hurting Bella and being very upset by this. From the description Bella gave it sounded like mostly her arms had bruises on them. She thought it kinda of strange that they had already started showing.

I kinda think Jacob had somthing to do with that. At the wedding the night before, he had grabed her arms very hard and was hurting her. I think the bruising was caused mostly from that incident. If Bella had realized she may have had a little better Honeymoon. Am I off on this one? Anyone else thought this was kinda strange?

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You could be right about that. I never thought about it that way before. Anyway, Edward SO OVERREACTED the morning after...

I just wanted to add something here that i actually came across yesterday. Many of you have probably already read this, but there is an awesome excerpt on SM's website that GRAPHICALLY details Edward and Bella's first honeymoon night from Edward's perspective. Check it out!
spilette, where IS this excerpt on her website..and WHICH website...leave a link or something so the rest of us can find this...
i was just on her website and could not find that . could you send me a link ?
I think I am more of a pureist if you wanna call it that. I have read some of the fan fiction. I think the writters are very talented. However I found that it felt a little off from SM writtings.So I think I will try and stick with just what SM rights. Besides if she ever does get around to doing Edwards POV it may deter from what the writer writes.

I also think that what I had in my head for the Honeymoon was much better than anything that could be written. Somethings I think are better left to the imagination. As we each have our own preferences. Just my 2 cents
Yeh, I'm trying to abstain from the fan fiction. I'm a straight forward Twilight addict, but I feel like it needs to come from the source. If it's not SM's then, I'm not reading it. I'm afraid the story will get too far from the original. No offense to everyone who is into the fan fiction things, I just want to stick to the guts of it, for myself.
I feel the same way. I caved a few weeks ago and read a little bit of the Honeymoon piece, but decided I didn't care for it and stopped reading. As ttocs said, I'm a purist too and would much rather leave it to my own imagination if it doesn't come from SM.
Please were on SM's website is this excerpt of the honeymoon. I am ot that good with computers thankyou from down under
I haven't been able to find anything like this...the closest thing has been the fantasy/sciency answer for why Edward could get Bella pregers...
You know this overreaction over protective reaction Edward always displays is actually kinda of interesting. I know people use this as to why she fell in love with Jacob. However I think in a deep relationship I really think Bella would overlook that. She would want him there. I think she would want him to feel that way. Even though it may have bugged her in the past when others displayed those same reactions to her. You do have to give it up to Edward he did buy a nice bike, He wanted to ride with her. I think he knew he needed to let her live. Besides he had a sister like Alice. It wasn't as if he was being overprotective just to be overprotective. From reading Edwards POV there was a lot going on that we did not know about. Like Edward said, He was her "Gaurdian Vampire".
I suppose it's possible, but remember that the marks were the exact shape of Edward's fingers/hands. Of course, he and Jake could have the same size hands. It's quite possible.

And I agree that Edward did overreact. But he always does. :) :)
I think SM was definitely implying the bruises came from Edward.. but that would have been such a better scenario! Especially since like all of you said, he overreacted big time! But then again, doesn't he always?


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