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So I have been bugged about the whole Edward hurting Bella and being very upset by this. From the description Bella gave it sounded like mostly her arms had bruises on them. She thought it kinda of strange that they had already started showing.

I kinda think Jacob had somthing to do with that. At the wedding the night before, he had grabed her arms very hard and was hurting her. I think the bruising was caused mostly from that incident. If Bella had realized she may have had a little better Honeymoon. Am I off on this one? Anyone else thought this was kinda strange?

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I agree with you about the water. Definitely because it would warm him up & also help Bella with the whole first experience given his marble body...
Funny that i should find this post today. I work in healthcare with a bunch of nurses & we were talking about those bruises this morning. They agreed that those bruises would mostly be from Jacob less than 24 hours before and none of us can understand why SM wouldn't have mentioned this in the books. Nice catch! I agree, her honeymoon would have gone much better if she would have thought of this :-)
I'm sure the bruises were intended to be from Edward. Like others said, he even matched his fingers to them. I wouldn't put too much stock into bruises appearing overnight on the girl when she was 2-3 months pregnant by the time she left the island.
You maybe onto something..I hadn't thought about it??? hhhmmm..that seems very possible. She did say she bruises easy.... But yes, edward did overreact that morning. I'm off to SM website..thanks
I never saw the link to SM's honeymoon exerpt.

I'm with several of you....I only want to read stuff from offense
I really didn't think of it that way. But its pretty interesting tho. Either way...I love Honeymoon!!
I do think that it was Jacob who gave Bella those bruises. First of all, they where on her arms, where Jacob grabbed her and shook her around. Secondly, she probably would have said something to Edward if he held her too tightly, and she had no memory of that ever happening. Thirdly, Edward is pretty much always taking the blame on himself for what happens to Bella, so it's understandable for people to blame him for Bella's bruises. So, yeah. That's what I think.

Even though I'm team Edward I don't see it that way.

I don't believe Jacob was responsible for Bella's bruises. If he had done this, then her hand should be bruised sooner than the first morning after sleeping with Edward.

I hated Edward's reaction next morning by the way!

Sorry, but the morning after their first night on Esme's Isle and Bella woke up covered in feathers, once she got the feathers and looked in the mirror she saw that she was covered in bruises from head to toe. Yes, Jacob more than likely gave her the really bad ones on her arms, but the rest she get from her love-play with Edward.


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