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Do you think Stephanie will keep her fans going by publishing Midnight Sun?

I really do hope that she does because I did read some of the chapters of Midnight Sun on her website and it is awesome reading Edwards perpesctive

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I really hope she does because the little that i have read of midnight sun seems awesome
I have to think that she will finish it. I am certain that this is not about money for her, she loves these characters that she has created and she knows her fans love them, too, and just want more. But let's face facts. Her editors and publishers are more than likely aware of how big this would be and are probably urging her to do it. I think she should finish on HER terms and not theirs, like I said because this is not about money to her, I am sure.

I do understand her hesitation, but I hope in the end, she decides to finish and give it to her fans.
Like danielle C stated I can't see her not doing it considering the immense fandom Twilight has caused even if it was about the money I think it would be stupid on her part not to Twilight has become quite the huge sucess, I look at people like me who spent over a hundred dollars on the last 2 books plus the movie companion plus a movie magazine all about twilight plus the soundtrack (yes im nuts) lol, but I don hope that she defineltly does
Then I must be nuts aswell :P
I totally agree with Connie. I hope Stephanie does all the books from edwards Perspective ): like Midnight Sun as well. I LOVE reading Edward's perspective. In the first 4 books, we can only see Edward from Bella's perspective- it was nice to actually read and understand Edwards thoughts and actions.
I really hope that she does find it within her to finish Midnight Sun. I'm not ashamed to say that I have read the draft version that she posted on her website and it's simply fantastic. It gives you soooo much insight into what Edward is feeling, thinking and why he reacts the way he does. It highlights just how hard a struggle it is for him to be with Bella... something that you don't really honestly perceive in Bella's story (purely because she has no real idea)...

I know that I will be pre-ordering the book if Stephenie does decide to continue and publish it.
Gemma, do you think Edward planned to wear a similar outfit like Bella's the day he picked her up to go to the meadow? She did lay her clothes out the night before. And he was spending his nights in her room watching her sleep.
Oh, I hope she does! I'm fairly new to the whole Twilight saga (I prefer to read all books in a series once they've all been released) so when I heard that she had Midnight Sun on her website, I was ecstatic... only to read the reason *why* it was on her website and what had happened. And then I was heartbroken.

I am essentially a selfish creature so, naturally, I want her to publish it so I can finish the story from Edward's perspective, but I also hope she'll finish it for herself; to be able to hold the finished piece of work in her hands. I can't understand having something unfinished, hanging around... though I don't blame her for the reason she stopped. I truly hope in the near future, that she'll be able to get back into the frame of mind she was in prior to the leak, and that she'll be able to finish his story.
I really hope she Does. She will keep the Fans wanting more than Midnight Sun! Ha. lol
But, yes. Make More! we love Twilight.
Who Doesn't?
I Love it from Edwards Perspective. Its great! :]
I think doing all of them from Edwards POV would be a great opportunity to create the series for the MA crowd. It would be a great idea for her since Edward's thoughts are more complicated and involved...she could keep with the cover theme but do white instead of black or maybe blue instead of red. Personally I think it's a mistake to wait to long but her 2 yr marker would be the perfect time as it seems her YA audience would be moving into MA.
Like Gemma said I would also pre-order the book if she decides to publish it along with everything else I have pre-ordered like the DVD and I will be pre-ordering the directors book as well. Edward is such an extraordinary character that I love the idea of his perpestive rather than Bella's because I have to admit from New Moon to Breaking Dawn Bella absolutley got on my nerves to the point that I could not stand her character any more just like Jacob's character. Than again im very partial to Edward (GO TEAM EDWARD) I would also be interested in hearing a little more about the rest of the Cullen family such as Rosalie and Alice especially Alice because I would likr to know why she was in a Asylum. Any one else agree with me?
I think that if she ditches Edward's POV-which I really hope she doesn't-that Alice's POV would be the best way to go. She has ties to all the characters and her character is loved. To me it felt like Edward's character got left by the wayside once Bella realized she loved Jacob...I thought book 2 in BD should have been in Edward's POV.


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