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So who has watched the ET exclusives inside New Moon? I am a little nervous about the "Edward will be scary part?" Is this an indication of major changes from book? What are your thoughts?

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look on the bright side, that mean more Edward/Rob in the movie! Looks like the trip to the movies with newton made it into the script. After having watched the ET segmens, it makes me more impatient for November to come.
God Im really hoping it doesnt change from the book too much.. While it wasnt one of my favorites.. I did like the book, and hope the movie does stay fairly true with the book.
They also talked about Edward being a vision as well as a voice when Bella does dangerous things... not cool. I think that will be a big mistake..It will take away from the mystery as to why Bella only hears him
The voice I can understand, but the vision I cant... You remember she was having problems remembering what he was looking like.. Atleast I think she was..
Thats right.. It hurt to much to remember his face, but his voice was ok.
A lot of people who watch New Moon may not have read the books. My husband's looking forward to the movie, but hasn't read the books so he wouldn't necessarily know or understand what's going on. I'm actually okay with the visions. As RP said, it'd be kind of hokie if it were just his voice. If we *see* him snarling at Bella as she's about to do something stupid (per the book), that'd definitely have more of an impact than just hearing his snarling voice, you know? Personally, I'm looking forward to it! :)
I agree with you on this. I can see where people not reading the books would think its hokie, just hearing Edward's voice. Well, we get to see more RP then I thought we would.
I just had a chance to watch it this morning and like you, I'm worried about the dream sequence RP was talking about that will blow us away. However... after thinking about it a bit, I'm also a little bit excited.


What if they play up Bella's hysteria where she thinks Edward doesn't want her? What if her dream shows him saying hateful, scornful things about how she wasn't worthy and how he'd never wanted her? (This is what she's always thought, right?) Wouldn't that make the TRUTH and Edward's bearing his soul and telling her how much he loves her in her bedroom that much better?? She knocked herself down and he comes back and builds her back up, you know?

IF they do something like that then I think it could pay off HUGE!! I know I would probably need a box full of tissues if I saw something like that happen!

I'm trusting SM on this one b/c she's said she wholeheartedly approves what she's seen so far... and I'm really hoping it's something like this.
Good thoughts.. I will need a box full of tissues for this movie anyway. I hope I can make it through him leaving her lol
I didnt watch yesterdays.. I need to watch that one.
I am more afraid of Bella and Edwards Reunion. They said it was different from the book, what does that mean?
God, I seriously hope they don't screw this up!


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